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    You guys are so nice. Inviting her on a bike ride is a far cry from what I wanted to say to her.



    Ho-boy. You caught us all red-handed. /s

    It appears that the only time people give crap about a pedestrian death is when it is at the hands of a cyclist. Where are the front page stories about these continuous pedestrian-vehicle collisions, which happen at a much greater frequency and severity than any bike-pedestrian collision?



    To be fair, the police took some time to fully investigate and charge the cab driver that killed a woman on the Upper East Side a few weeks ago. As long as they actually ARE investigating and do file charges where it’s appropriate, I’m OK with it taking some time. The bike ticketing, however, is idiotic.



    Didn’t quite follow you there


    Robert Wright

    I predicted yesterday that this would lead them to ticket cyclists.

    Given that pedestrians are safer around bikes than other vehicles, this act by deterring people from cycling will actually make the intersection more dangerous.

    Congratulations, NYPD!



    It appears that only the so-called “bike community” seems to give a damn when drivers mow down pedestrians and face no consequences for their actions.



    Color me shocked.


    Eric McClure

    Not acceptable. “Right” of way is a misnomer, obviously.


    Eric McClure




    Clarence Eckerson Jr.

    I’ll come out and film it, for sure.



    They don’t hold back at all when it comes to ASP and meter tickets. I agree about ideology. Cops are largely suburban, car-dependent, and blue collar. To them, cyclists are either poor delivery guys or rich yuppies. Either way, they’re happy to nail them, regardless of whether or not it’s a helpful tactic.


    watch the vid



    Thanks Doug. I hope Sen Savino takes you up on this and suggest that TA and Streets PAC suggest the same — especially a ride around her district with some of her constituents.


    Brian Geary

    What’s the fix? Move to the suburbs where you have plenty of land to allow all of your friends to park all of your own lawn.


    Joe R.

    I can’t agree with her on much but highway service roads make pretty decent bike routes, even without bike lanes. You typically have only two or three cross streets with traffic signals every mile. All the rest are just side streets which right turn only into the service road. This makes for pretty stress free riding other than at intersections. Most times of the day, traffic on service roads tends to be fairly light as most vehicles opt to get on the highway instead.

    Of course, there are some instances where the service road ends, or merges with the highway. Those obviously require an alternate route.


    Joe R.

    Not only that but there’s a chance a cop can get capped by an angry driver they pull over with little chance to defend themselves, or even see the weapon before it fires. Not as much chance of that stopping a cyclist, given that the cyclist would most likely be shot dead if they even appeared to be going for a weapon.



    Mmm. Think this is helping them though? At this point, it looks like a literal mental disorder (histrionic?), so just opportunistic propaganda.

    I know that can be damaging, but IMHO it’s also a sign of the weakness of bike lane opponents.



    But these are more driving options–options for people who largely already have options. From a public policy perspective, it seems like a bad idea to be introducing another option to make it even easier to drive. This is basically PRT on rubber wheels.


    Inspector Spacetime

    Cuomo only worries about the upstate vote. NYS urbanite vote is too sewn up for him to give a shit, and carries the risk that urban projects are visibly expensive (even though the economies of scale make it a better proposition all things being equal).

    Teachout was a wakeup call to his purposeful obliviousness, so we’re getting photo ops like this stupidity here, but not enough yet to permanently change the calculus of the game.



    Some justice for Silvia Gallo’s case and family, yet still sad. With widespread automated enforcement for failure to yield, speeding, and red light running, it’s possible she’d still be with us and in Ireland right now, teaching health and wellness. Meanwhile we’d instead be reading an article about the rapidly decreasing number of injuries and deaths thanks to cameras and no thanks to NYPD.



    Well, it’s not just tickets and revenue, it’s also ideology. But, beyond that, they must also realize that picking on drivers too much will attract scorn.

    They, and the press, infantilize cyclists. Middle class adults drive. De Blasio and the City Council will never say no to the police if they pick on cyclists, but pick on the “middle class” and hell is raised. It’s one of the few things the NYPD will get spanked over, and they must know this.



    But if the NYPD is about ticket quotas and easy ticket revenue, why don’t they nail more cars in bike lanes? Talk about easy picking. Also, failure to yield to pedestrians. Also easy. I honestly think it’s much more sinister than just meeting quotas. It’s actually malicious.



    I know what you mean, and I don’t disagree. I choked on the “THIS death is the last straw” line that opened a NYC-must-get-serious-and-rip-out-the-bike lanes screed this week.



    A van used to haul chairs & tents & stuff for party rentals.



    Hertz & Enterprise also offer car-share without the monthly fee, too. And you can always take a cab/car service with bulky items— most of them have minivans, which can hold a lot, versus the piddly li’l Smart Car.

    But I certainly agree, as a consumer— more travel options are nice.


    Dax Von Blitzkrieger

    Abuse of power. You’d think this country was better than that.



    Wait up you don’t rent a van whenever you have a party?! Weirdo.



    They voted against the interests of their own constituents. Most of them are incompetent yes-men, but not stupid, so I assume they know what they were doing. Well, I’m seriously curious: how would you say it?

    Here’s the challenge: find a way to describe it in a way that won’t/can’t be misconstrued by fake populist cretins. All they need to do is wave a flag, mention the middle class, and poo about socialism or how it only benefits “rich people.” Our side has to articulate a complex, theoretically- and empirically-supported idea as concisely as possible, but it’s still going to be more than can ever fit in a soundbite.


    New Yorker

    No, this death was not the last straw. The tabloid columnists will continue to ignore the issue, the cops will continue to exonerate the killer-drivers, and another “accident” just like this will happen tomorrow.



    As a transportation advocate, I haven’t really made up my mind. But as a consumer who just moved and needs to pick up a few things that are too large for transport by bike/transit, too small to justify renting a van, and too infrequent to justify paying a monthly fee for subscription-based car-sharing services, I say Hell Yeah!



    I live on Washington St and commute by bike. Currently Washington St is an absolute nightmare to ride on. The pavement is horrendous and you are squeezed between traffic and parked cars that might back into you at any moment. I absolutely can’t wait for these changes.



    I don’t disagree that CP would vastly improve NYC for essentially everyone; but as we saw in 2009, “Optics” are very important: democratic assemblymen representing largely working-class blocs blocked CP last time.


    Joe R.

    The NYPD is all about revenue and ticket quotas, not safety. That’s why there’s always this irrational response of ticket blitzes every time something happens. Cyclists just happen to make easy cannon fodder, so they get the brunt of the ticketing.

    The only real solution is legislative. Change the law so cyclists can pass red lights at empty intersections. Also install cameras at intersections to prevent police abuse (i.e. ticketing a cyclist who passed a red when nothing was crossing but saying in court there was cross traffic) once such a law goes into effect.



    ^”there” earlier in the day.




    Yesterday evening the police were ticketing cyclists on Kenmare and Elizabeth for going through the red (after stopping and proceeding when the intersection was clear of both pedestrians and vehicles, at least in my case). The cop who stopped me said it was because someone was killed their earlier in the day. He did not say it was a pedestrian with the right of way killed by a driver.

    This was the same police response when Dashane Santana was killed by a driver a few blocks away on Delancey. For several weeks they ticketed cyclists for jumping the lights to get ahead of traffic on Delancey.

    driver kills pedestrian = ticket cyclists.



    Yup – Assassins in Steel. Was this woman’s death finally the last straw?

    I really don’t get how some columnists and politicians are so out-to-lunch on ignoring traffic violence and death. I totally don’t get it. I am hoping against hope that this slain grandmother (maybe? that’s a guess) will receive as much press coverage and concern as a dead groundhog did yesterday.



    What is a “party rental van”? (As per DNA Info story.)


    Andy Trafford

    Where’s Peyser when we need her?

    “They’re motorized murderers. Slayers in steel boxes.

    The terrorist drivers must be stopped.”


    New Yorker

    Welcome to NYC, where murder is legal when the weapon is a motor vehicle.



    “Obstacle” and “obstruction” both mean the same thing.



    It was illegal for the truck to turn onto Elizabeth St unless it was making a pickup or delivery on Elizabeth between Kenmare and Prince Streets. Trucks are restricted to specific streets. Elizabeth St is not a truck route. The only reason for a truck not to be on a truck route in NYC is to make a local delivery or pickup. The most direct route from a designated to the pickup/delivery location must be used.



    I’m not condoning what he did because I personally think it was reckless, but witnesses say that Jason Marshall had a green light (and thus Jill Tarlov didn’t), so the Post makes it front page news, does five hysterical follow up features focusing on reckless bikers and the cost of his bike and making sure the guy is thoroughly demonized.

    Witnesses say this van driver was turning with a green light, and yet the post makes absolutely no mention of the fact that this means the victim had the right of way, instead blaming an umbrella for the pedestrian not seeing the van fail to yield to her. And they also stress that it was the van that hit the lady, not the van driver (can you imagine them running a headling of “bicycle kills Jill Tarlov”?), and the NYPD fail to release any details about the van driver…


    Aunt Bike

    SUV blows red light,hits elderly woman and child on sidewalk, Diane Savino yells “Find a f**king road and stay in it” at driver @DianeSavino



    Let’s make retaking a driver’s test a requirement of renewing your license.



    I said exactly that the above scenario isn’t double parking. Please read the whole comment thread. You cannot fix double parking with design, just as you cannot fix every single piece of bike infrastructure with design. There’s an above photo which shows some sort of truck driving up the bike lane. Motorcyclists can always get into the bike lane and park. Design can’t fix everything, enforcement must be part of the mix, and it should be proportional to how obvious the violation is, and how dangerous the violation is.



    And bike lanes are usually full of cars and people so even finding them isn’t helpful.


    Dax Von Blitzkrieger

    I very often cross mid-block in this city because it is almost equivalent to using the crosswalk in terms of motorists’ response. Almost no drivers stop for pedestrians standing and needing to cross at crosswalks.

    Even at crosswalks where there is a traffic light, you really aren’t afforded your rights.

    Crossing against the light? Only late at night when there’s no traffic.

    My point? I guess it’s that pedestrians have much in common with cyclists in that they are treated as second-class citizens – sub-human really.



    On the street in New York jaywalking in front of your bike is a possibility every 200 feet. At 10 miles per hour (a pace a child can sustain on a bicycle) this is every 13 seconds.

    Far more so than when I bike, I jaywalk with regularity. Whether jaywalking or jaybiking, I don’t do it when it will affect anyone else.



    If Diane Savino read the driver’s manual at all she would know that bicycles are entitled to a lane in traffic. In fact, they’re even allowed two abreast in a lane.