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    It should be taller buildings with parking for automobiles and storage units- the Streetsblog agenda is about maximizing developer profits and for creating cities with a less diverse population. Marc Gordon ought to be ashamed of himself!


    Eugene Weixel

    Why didn’t the cops ask Diallo for a look at the app and if he was on it when he mowed two young people down?


    Eugene Weixel

    The law is the law. Uber surely understands that the drivers will violate traffic safety codes in order to function as Uber drivers, but eighteen billions of dollars trumps any shit ass traffic codes.


    Eugene Weixel

    The law says a driver must be legally parked or standing in order to use an electronic device. Except for Uber ? I think not.


    Eugene Weixel

    The driver apps clearly cause distracted driving. And what Uber customer does not phone the driver if he’s a minute late ? Is it even part of NYPD procedure to investigate driver app use in crashes? Are any stats kept? The TLC shares culpability with Uber. Every Commissioner who voted to unleash these apps on our streets is a criminal as are our asleep at the wheel City Councilors.



    How many times does this piece of roadway come up? I’ve had so many personal experiences dealing with tourist buses, these guys do not look for pedestrians, make illegal U-turns, double-park, straddle the lanes making it dangerous for cyclists and pedestrians alike.


    Kevin Love

    There is lots of parking. Just not for cars.



    Hope this is the person to turn DOT away from listening to obstructionist Community Boards who prevent safe streets infrastructure in favor of parking.



    Pls shut the fuck up my man died here and u Srry for the cabbie who could ha’ve possibly changed the out come of this he could have swerved back on to the road and avoided the ppl o but wait then he would be risking his life, he could have pressed the breaks and not drove for 2 long ass street blocks I hope this man fucking dies in prison and gets ass fucked for the being cnt believe u feel bad for someone who had a choice to speed wen it’s snowing killing innocent ppl ,a child kadeem Brown was not a hoodlum he didn’t sag his pants and wasn’t in the street life he worked very hard to take of his family at 25 he was just a amazing person taking way to soon we had so much more to do with each other



    A bad system that does what you want it to is still a bad system.



    I’ve always wondered about the logic of using paint on the lanes for the heaviest vehicles on the road. Our bus lanes wear away so quickly. A curb and some enforcement would be a lot more effective.



    The timelines for these SBS projects are unreasonable. Shovels in the ground 2017…

    Shovels should be in the ground late Spring/early Summer of this year.



    Vision Zero™



    There’s 40 NJ transit busses for each Greyhound.. if not more.



    Where will bikes go? Will the “local” lanes be sufficiently safe for bikes?



    You mean the dedicated lanes full of empty parked police cars?


    Melissa McGovern

    Good point. Something similar to what they’ve done at 72nd and Riverside would help. A delayed light could be an option as well. As someone who has lived on this corner for 15 years, I’m sick of it and just worry that a death will have to come in order to make any changes. I think of that every time I cross 97th and WEA. Why does tragedy have to strike for change to be implemented?



    Or another way to “fix” Mr. Addabbo, Jr.’s quote, “as someone who won’t ever change my driving habits, I willfully refuse to even attempt to understand how Select Bus Service works.” You’re not in traffic, sir, you are traffic.





    Critical critic

    “At 135th, DOT plans to extend the Riverside center median on the north side of the intersection…” by which it means, as shown in the diagram, is a physical median extension, where there is now only a yellow painted median.

    This would certainly help, but the irony is that a physical median was installed there when work was last done on this stretch of RSD, about 10 years ago. About 25 feet of physical median was removed within a year and replaced by the paint because cars negotiating that curve kept hitting the median.,-73.95722,3a,75y,217.63h,73.63t/data=!3m5!1e1!3m3!1s9_Ghf13cCK0cWs0lHV3ClA!2e0!5s20140901T000000


    Critical critic

    “This has always been a dangerous corner,” the witness said.

    Agreed. It has wide streets, speeding vehicles, and bad sight lines.



    TWU will tell you that he does deserve to be arrested because he wasn’t in their union.



    How could anyone watch that video and then say that the bus driver doesn’t deserve to be arrested under the right of way law.



    Even this proposed design doesn’t go far enough. Look at the southeast corner – it’s still angled like a highway off ramp. Allowing cars to turn at high speeds is at complete odds with pedestrian safety. DOT needs to square the corners more so that drivers have to slow to a crawl to make their turns.

    But DOT also needs to grow a spine. I won’t hold my breath.



    The proposed changes don’t address the cause of this crash as far as I can tell. Why aren’t they proposing changing the geometry of the corner to force drivers to make the right onto 135th at closer to 90 degrees?



    We need to see accountability for the CB members who are obstructing these safety improvements. Their ignorance and lack of caring for their neighbors is maiming and killing people. We need our elected leaders to take action to remove these safety obstructionists from our community boards.



    Or, Addabbo, Jr.: “…as someone who, by driving almost daily, contributes to forcing others to sit almost daily on that roadway during those times….”



    I’m scared even to drive their sometimes – cars go really fast along the bridge above Fairway.

    And angled parking? W T F are they on? Oh, and BTW there is a giant pay garage at 134&RSD.


    Eric McClure

    Addabbo, Jr.: “…as someone who sits almost daily on that roadway during those times….” LOL. Take the bus.






    People walking from one subway car to another, as Corey Johnson did, is not a source of subway delays. But, you know, the Post.



    A few things strike me about the PABT incident.

    1. How did someone get hit? They go to great lengths (gates with locked glass boxes) to keep people off the busways. When it’s time to board your bus, it’s no more than one or two steps from the gate till you’re on the bus.

    2. Why did they have to shut down the ENTIRE TERMINAL?

    3. I’m surprised that so many people quoted in the article are unaware of alternative ways to get home. Express jitney buses run along NJ Route 4 from the GW Terminal, they are a reasonable alternative for anyone in Teaneck or Bergenfield — especially anyone with family at home to drive by and pick them up. NJ Transit also runs a few buses out of the GW Terminal. [When I lived in Teaneck, I categorically refused to take the evening PABT buses due to the long lines, I always used the GW Terminal instead.]



    Going to have to disagree with the tone of this article. Fixing bridges is long overdue and frankly necessary. I know it sounds auto-centric, but it has to be done. Even John Oliver is all over it.

    That said, there are very good questions about HOW they repair bridges, and making sure that they incorporate bike lanes, better pedestrian access, etc. when they do so. No more token narrow sidewalks reached by dim, dark, mazes of litter-strewn ramps!



    Completely agree. For a location on top of two transit lines and near two major bridges, they should be building 50 story buildings and have many more apartments. I guess 1,000 apartments is better than having it be parking lots for another 30 years.


    Aunt Bike

    I get a real kick out of the AAA (Re:AAA Continues Assault On Red Light Cams) and their latest excuse for criticizing enforcement cameras.

    “Slamming” on brakes on a yellow light is dangerous driver behavior that has nothing to do with a red light camera. Yellow light in New York State means prepare to stop, not slam on brakes.

    This is a common excuse for knocking enforcement cameras. If drivers paid attention to their driving, obeyed speed limits and kept proper distance (one car length per 10 mph of speed) when driving (like anyone can see they rarely do) we could virtually eliminate the less dangerous rear end collisions.

    Let the cameras cut the more dangerous side impact collisions, as AAA admits they do, and let drivers do their part by slowing the hell down and paying attention, and above all stop “slamming” on the brakes just because there is a camera present and we’ll eliminate an awful lot of collisions, injuries, and deaths.


    Larry Littlefield

    Which just shows that more authority should be concentrated locally, which is something that Streetsblog’s coverage around the country tells me as well.


    Brad Aaron

    It’s not that DOT shouldn’t maintain bridges, Larry, it’s that they have a history of being relatively uninterested in reducing the number of people killed while walking and biking.

    It is mostly a local responsibility, but NYS DOT hasn’t even taken the modest steps proposed by TSTC.


    Andres Dee

    Thanks for remembering Arthur Sporn and people like him. I’ve often heard anti-cyclists claim that the statistics understate the number of walkers that cyclists kill: That some people injured by cyclists die a few months later. These people seem to overlook that this happens, and likely more so, when motorists hit people who walk.


    joe shabadoo

    Thanks Larry. You should do a podcast or something. This is a subject far too few new yorkers know anything about.



    It’s the vapid justifications that do it for me. “ease congestion, improve air quality and reduce accidents”… yeah right!



    Regarding a school, the plan leaves space for a school at the corner of Grand and Suffolk. It is up to the School Construction Authority to decide when/if to use it.


    Larry Littlefield

    I can’t blame state DOT for wanting to repair the state’s bridges, rather than allow that aspect of the infrastructure to fall apart. I mean come on!

    Pedestrian and bicyclist safety and infrastructure is the responsibility of Mayors and County Executives. The question is, does the state get in the way or get out of the way? It needs to get out of the way.


    Rideline Car and Limo Service

    Agree with you, however, it need to watch once the plan finally executes then how much the situation improves overall


    Ian Turner

    Looks like average trip length is just under 10 miles.

    According to one random site, total road subsidies are $0.447/mile.

    That gives you about $4.35 per trip.



    But NYC transit subway riders do cover the operating costs with their fares.

    How do you figure?

    Subway fares (or at least how the MTA assigns revenue to subways – not sure how they split the cost when someone transfers or uses their unlimited on bus and subway, but the subway gets 4% more per unlinked trip) cover ~63% of operating costs, NYCT buses cover 34%. Add in capital costs and that goes to 41% and 31%.

    What ferry cost $35? Rockaway? It isn’t running anymore. And doesn’t the express bus from there cost just as much to run? SI ferry costs ~$6.60 per trip

    Commuter rail subsidy varies a lot by line. In 2009 the Port Washington line covered the same share of operating costs that the subway did ~67%.



    It was wonderful to see all the students from George Washington High show up and say they wanted the protected bike lanes.



    Not correct. After the bonus is taken into account (formerly 5%, now 11%), the effective subway/local bus fare went up from $2.38 to $2.48, or 4.2%. The express bus fare went up a measly 2.6% (far too low, in my opinion). The unlimiteds went up 4.0% (30 day), 3.3% (7 day), or 4.1% (7 day express bus).

    The only people who pay 10% more are the ones who either pay in coins on the bus or add one fare at a time to their MetroCards (the bonus kicks in at two fares). SingleRide ticket users came close, with a 9.1% increase. All together, that’s 6.4% of fares paid – the remaining 93.6% saw a hike of 4.2% at most. (Source: page 137)



    Some of bridges need replacing. But many of them just need a coat of paint and some minor repairs. Instead we spend hundreds of millions of dollars lining political donors’ pockets. Witness the Tappan Zee, with a current budget of 3.9 billion. All it needs to be safe is a minor road diet plus a inspect, paint, and repair job that would have been south of $0.5 billion. The road diet would simply be to remove one lane and change the direction of the center lane depending on time of day with zero impact on capacity, but giving you room for modern safety equipment. — It is in a terrible location to build a bridge, but unless you do something monumentally stupid like replace with a completely new span this is a sunk cost. Of course, since we have Cuomo and a feckless media that is exactly what we are doing.



    Wow, $343 million for South Ferry Terminal reconstruction. Nice.



    This is pretty bad. For cyclists with the slip lanes always seem to result in unnecessary fatalities. And this is terrible for pedestrians who will need to cross 6 to 7 lanes without a pedestrian refuge with this plan, in addition to the two service roads. If they had gone with a more sensible center running design there would be a wide center refuge for pedestrians which doubles as bus waiting areas and they wouldn’t need the slip lane death traps. This plan will continue to leave the elerderly and the disabled, who can’t make it across 7 lanes in 20 seconds, standing in the middle of a highway when they lose the walk signal. It’s like the NYC DOT stepped into a 1960’s time warp when Ms. Trottenberg took the helm.

    What is most distressing is that we’re talking about spending $200 million dollars on a pouring concrete that will need to be torn up and replaced with something reasonably safe once we’re rid of this retrograde DOT management. $200 million could pay for a whole lot of neckdowns and other sensible street improvements.