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    Alexander Vucelic

    when 15-25% of your income comes from these types of rackets, it is always a motivation :)



    And how about looking at the Henry Hudson Bridge? The photo-toll system has eliminated the need for so many lanes on the bridge’s lower level, leaving plenty of space for a Jersey Barrier-protected 2-way bike lane. Currently, cyclists have to dismount and walk their bike on the narrow pedestrian path or face ticketing.



    I thought you were always supposed to ride on the left side on one way streets (so you are more visible to drivers). On very wide streets, cyclists are permitted on both the left side and the right side.



    One could argue that enforcing a 25 mph speed limit on a road with a 40 mph design speed is “easy money” as well. Of course the difference is that the speeding violation actually threatens lives, whereas the specific bicycle violations NYPD is targeting do not. Either way I wouldn’t focus so much on the revenue generation aspect, as I doubt this is the motivation.


    Aunt Bike

    District Attorney Vance (who I think is in a position to judge the legal aspects of this bill) is saying this, not Mayor de Blasio.


    Alexander Vucelic

    it’s easy money

    extortation is precisely what the road pirates are engaged in. ‘Give me money or we’ll send Pantelano to strangle you’



    That, and avoid streets with bike infrastructure and/or heavy bike traffic.



    Until we have a more rational system that acknowledges that cars and bikes are not equivalent, the best defense against tickets is to follow the law. The second-best defense is to follow the law when there are police around.



    Some interesting comments on that article. Also police are apparently pulling over drivers for going slowly in the park rather than for speeding.



    The New York Times: as out of touch with New York as the Post, just in its own special way.


    Joe R.

    This is the NYPD’s take on Vision Zero. Give out enough BS tickets to cyclists, most will quit riding. In a few months cyclist fatalities are down because cycling is way down, not because the streets are safer. The police pat themselves on the back for a job well done.

    They would probably try the same strategy ticketing jaywalking pedestrians except in NYC walking really ins’t optional. You won’t get the foot traffic down by much with ticketing, so your fatality rate will still be up there.



    You kind of sound like a motorist bitching about speed cameras. Yeah, it’s definitely a misplaced priority, and it’s frustrating to see an SUV plow through a crowded crosswalk on one block only to see NYPD handing out tickets for cyclists coasting through a red light at an empty T intersection on the next. But I wouldn’t use language like “extortation (sic)”.


    Joe R.

    My point here is double parked cars shouldn’t delay buses because other cars go in the bus lane to get around them. I’m not lumping everyone together. I’m simply saying only cars should have to deal with the mess other cars create, not buses. Sure, if you’re a wonderful driver who never does anything inconsiderate I feel for you when you’re delayed waiting ten minutes for some double-parked jerk to move but I’m not seeing why the city needs to do anything to keep cars moving when some drivers congest the streets by double-parking. Let the delayed drivers keep getting on cases of people who double-park and maybe we’ll see a lot less double parking. I think of it as peer pressure. That’s sort of the theory behind group punishment in school where the teacher punishes the entire class. Eventually the kids who behave get tired of being punished and start making life hard for the troublemakers.

    The city should have more loading zones so you don’t need to double park while you’re loading or unloading.


    Irfan Ali

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    Likely not just him, but his donors.



    Its a trap for motorists. If only there was some sort of signage and manual which told the how to avoid these traps. So sneaky, laws and all. I mean, how are you supposed to know stop signs mean stop, speed limits mean limit your speed, bus lanes are for buses. Crazy! Cannot believe the government is pulling this sneak attack. Its an all out assault on motorists. K, I’m done.



    also the city recently created a death trap right by the movie theater near the police academy by opening up a useless road that has no stop sign nevermind traffic lights and now it is a terrifying experience for drivers that will eventually lead to a tragedy. Even people in queens are starting to sass police even when they are in the wrong which I saw twice within 15 minutes this morning when someone who was double parked outside a dim sum parlor actually got out of the car and started to argue with the cop (he didnt have a partner with him) and again someone looked like he had driven into the police academy’s road and was being escorted did not look apologetic.

    I guess it’s a good thing they are not taking any more applicants because the security around the academy looks nonexistent and it would cost nothing for foreign organized crime/terrorists with deep pockets to the point of owning submarines to collect data for facial recognition to compare to future operatives to ensure they are not actually undercover law enforcement.



    I have to disagree with the bus drivers from personally witnessing that bus drivers who have too many passengers these days and too many other vehicles on the road are definitely breaking traffic laws. One even rammed into our car and then lied about it to the police and they refused to hand over the camera in the bus to prove it. The following week, someone was killed by a bus driver. Bus drivers definitely have a very tough job that usually they do perfectly. But the law is the law and just because there is a union, does not mean that this administration’s politicians should always side with the side that their bread is buttered on against everyone else in NYC e.g. rent regulated minority against everyone else and the minority of 421a beneficiaries when regulated landlords get no tax abatements and are overassessed for carrying the majority of subsidized housing which is not even BASED on income so it is SUPER affordable and super undeserved in MANY cases.


    Alexander Vucelic

    massive NYPD extortation racket today in Manhattan. Road pirates stationed throughout Central Park, along First Avenue handing out fines to bicyclists like confetti. A road pirate told me the racket will be all month.



    What total BS. Lumping the whole group together. If you drive, then stuff worse drivers do is your problem.

    It’s like when pedestrians get mad at some cyclists for crap other cyclist pulled.

    PS – I double park sometimes. Never in a way that blocks traffic. Would never do it in a bus lane.



    We’re asking you because you’re pushing back against a reasonable need/question.

    But yeah, my question leads to our being able to drive over sidewalks, Asking to go in a bus lane to pass a double-parked car without being ticketed is such a slippery slope. Sure.



    Alternatively, drivers could yield to oncoming buses along that stretch and not get ticketed.

    If the city implemented physically protected bus only lanes this would not even be an issue.




    My apologies, I thought you were recommending that style of turning.

    Bus routes are being changed. Intersections are being redesigned. But it’s a slow process and it’s never going to eliminate all turns that bus routes make across active crosswalks.



    Nobody said it’s an easy job. It pays well and has good benefits, but if you’re incapable of doing it safely, you’re in the wrong line of work.



    How does the Union Safety person feel about bus drivers who nudge pedestrians out of the way while they are trying to cross the street in the crosswalk with the light in their favor?



    With all that we are still the safest operators in the world.

    The safest operators in the world don’t need a special exemption from the law that protects pedestrians who are crossing the street exactly as pedestrians are supposed to cross the street from drivers who make illegal turns.



    Please answer the question, Tommy. How do I cross the street? Spell it out, please, from start to finish. To make it interesting, let’s assume we’re at a crosswalk with a 7-second walk phase.

    Nobody’s going to arrest you for yielding to pedestrians, but thank you for readily admitting that you are perfectly capable of yielding to pedestrians if you choose to do so.



    Why would he even care? Was he trying to turn left? Would he have said the same thing if you’d been on the right side and he was trying to turn right? It always amazes me how cabbies treat everyone outside of a cab like a nuisance instead of a potential customer.



    Dearest TWU;

    I love public transportation. Love it. I love buses. I love trains. I spend a lot of time on both and a lot of energy advocating for more of them and therefore for more public transit workers.

    The vast majority of Americans, on the other hand, either hate public transportation or tolerate it as a necessary evil that they wish they had the money to avoid.

    Taking the position that your job requires you to kill makes it basically impossible for me–and other fierce advocates like me, who frequent this site and similar ones–to advocate for public transportation.

    That means your friends are . . . the haters.

    How you don’t get this I do not know.

    But you should get it.




    I’ve driven all kinds of vehicles in New York City, even when I was very young, and I’ve managed to never kill anyone.

    Multiple family members of mine have been truckers. Also, no dead bodies there. Not even injuries!

    And yet there’s your rationalization engine chugging along, telling you that all the blood on the hands of MTA bus drivers was just the Lord’s work.



    My name is Tommy and I believe I kill people for a living.
    Please believe I’m a rational person.



    Your good at the theoretical. Now try operating a bus. The blind spots are now 14 inches across. no way to compensate for that….yes we should just sit in our buses all day and not drive…



    Are you a NYC Transit Bus Operator Andrew?



    I am the Union Safety person for buses and I file for left turn signals all the time and they are rejected.


    Kevin Love

    There is a lot of competition for that title.


    Kevin Love



    Joe R.

    I agree. Drivers make their own mess by double parking. Let them deal with the consequences of it.


    Robert Wright

    I suppose the hidden good news in here is that companies that make bus lane cameras are clearly not splurging lots of money on “lobbying”, in the way that so many other companies are tempted to do when dealing with state legislators.



    Ah, that would explain the cabbie who honked and repeatedly gestured and yelled at me while riding on the left side of Lexington Avenue. “Other side! Other side!” I thought at the time: how would he have any clue about what cyclists are “supposed” to do? Of course — bad information from drivers’ ed. I’m guessing the course didn’t tell you that cyclists are allowed on the left side of wide one-way streets.



    Why don’t you write to the MTA or DOT and ask? However, unless the law explicitly states otherwise, it’s safe to assume it’s a violation.

    I don’t even see why it shouldn’t be. Should drivers on narrow Lower Manhattan streets be allowed to drive on the sidewalk to get around double parked (or in some cases, simply parked) vehicles?


    Joe R.

    If the e-bike bill passes, will it finally be legal to operate an e-bike in NYC?



    So taxpayers pay for his driver, and then we pay again with the crap laws he makes from his backseat windshield perspective?



    Here’s Nostrand, which is 2 lanes, one of those for buses. Drivers are happy to double park on either side.,-73.950193,3a,75y,0.09h,80.9t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sV4k1tObuutascyuxJTMUbw!2e0!7i13312!8i6656!6m1!1e1



    Did you go through this because you’re actually getting a license, or as some (excellent) journalistic research? Thanks for sharing.



    You’re still not offering anything to a driver on Nostrand or Rogers who isn’t sure if he is allowed to go in the bus lane to pass a double parked car without turning at the next intersection, or if he isn’t turning if he has to sit there waiting who knows how long for the double parked car to move, presumably honking the whole time pissing off everyone in the area. A rule that says you’re allowed to go into the bus lane to pass a double parked car if it doesn’t delay a bus, or if there isn’t a bus within XXX feet/car lengths, or on that block etc…or whatever standard allows drivers to pass an illegally stopped vehicle without delaying a bus, and one that is clear enough for a typical driver to recognize when it’s permitted is probably what djx is looking for, and it seems reasonable to offer.

    This doesn’t say. It says how to turn right, pick up/drop off passengers, and that you can’t wait for a parking spot or load/unload goods in the bus lane. It should offer guidance on what is permitted if the only general traffic lane is blocked by a double parked car/loading truck etc…



    This is so ridiculous. All buses in NYC should have cameras.

    What a stupid game these politicians play, at the expense of the constituency.



    Why would you enter a curbside bus lane to pass a double parked car? A double parked car would be in the bus lane.



    I agree that the buffered zone on the opposite side should also be Jersey barriered.



    Oh please. He has a driver.



    This will be most useful once it spans the entirety of Bruckner Blvd. I hope that this may somehow connected to the Willis Ave Bridge via Bruckner Blvd in the not too distant future too. Bruckner Blvd between St Anns and the Willis Ave Bridge needs calming and a protected lane there would be great.

    For a Manhattan bound or reverse commuter, a protected connection at least to the Tri-boro pedestrian/bike entrance is very important.