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    I don’t understand what the safety issue could be with bicycles at this location? When was the last time someone was killed or seriously injured by a bicycle there? If there are so many pedestrians due to the holiday and fleet week, they should close down the West Side Highway so pedestrians don’t get run over or hit by cars. Why target cyclists?



    DOT counts from 2012 show Greenway at 8,500. 2016 counts are easily over 9,000.

    Might be even 12,000 cyclists over the holiday weekend

    Holiday motor traffic is the metric here – 6,000 motors in right lane is a solid estlmate for this Friday, Sat, Sun, & Monday.



    Quiet a contrast to the Adams Street approach to the Brooklyn Bridge where they have gone out of their way to preserve a bike facility through the construction zone. Thanks to DDC and their contractors.



    Vooch, are you pulling these numbers out of thin air? Where did you get the 9000 cyclists number? Did you make it up?

    FYI, the west side highway has about 100,000 cars per day at that spot. (You can find the data yourself at the most recent data is for 12/3-12/5 2013)

    That gives you a bit under 17,000 per lane on a regular day.



    Citibike will see 50,000 days become routine this summer. Next year, Citibike will see 60,000 become the norm. Citibikes plus private bike trips are then likely to exceed 600,000.

    Swarms of cyclists will be owning lanes everywhere in 12 months. The cranks will be hysterical. It will be important for advocates to start framing the argument why PBLs are the solution.

    A modest goal would be for the city leadership to commit to 25 miles of new PBLs annually. “5 miles in each boro for 5 years”



    Is that idea even technically feasible?



    bike lanes carry 7x the traffic of car lanes. The Hudson Greenway is most heavily traveled bike path in North America.

    see attached:



    So taking away the two lanes of bike traffic is like closing 1.5-2 vehicle lanes of the WSH.



    per lane ?

    likely about 6,000



    Do you know what the equivalent car trip count per lane is on the West Side Highway in this section?



    report it to 311. there should be a record of the complaints even if the nypd chooses to ignore.


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    Hell yes I’ve been saying for years Flatbush Ave between GAP and the Manhattan Bridge deserves a serious bike facility more than probably any place in NYC. As a route, it’s so centrally located, and so connective, why the hell don’t cyclists deserve that? Is everyone too afraid to ask big? If I lived in Brooklyn I’d like to think I’d be clamoring and organizing for it. Won’t anyone?


    Miles Bader

    “Fleet Week”, or “Let’s randomly screw with bicyclists because we can! Hahahaha” week…?

    Oh wait, the latter is not just a week.



    How Likely You Are to Get Killed by a Car, Depending on Its Speed



    I’m not even a cyclist and that’s the first thing I thought of. Complete BS.


    Clarence Eckerson Jr.

    And look, Happy Bike Month Continued later on that night in Brooklyn!!



    From the legitimate unbiased research done by traffic safety engineers. For example: If 85% of the cars are ACTUALLY at or below 45 mph, the safest limit to post is 45, and the drivers at or near 45 mph have MUCH lower crash risks than drivers far above or below 45. In this area, drivers at 30 or 25 have exponentially higher crash risks than those from about 40 to the low 50s.

    That is the science which has been known for over 70 years. See the last article here from the safety department of the Michigan State Police about Establishing Safe and Realistic Speed Limits – a presentation given to the House and Senate Transportation Committees in the legislature.

    James C. Walker, Life Member – National Motorists Association



    Gee, that use of “increased risky behavior” must be the root reason the fatality rate has dropped by about 90% over that period of time. Driving, walking and cycling in today’s environment is dramatically safer than in previous decades. The stats make that clear to anyone open to seeing the facts.

    James C. Walker, Life Member – National Motorists Association



    Stop signs are used in many countries in Europe ONLY where the sight lines are too short to allow Yield protocols. The road engineering is NOT different, only the correct or incorrect use of stop or yield protocols are different. The USA has a fetish for the improper use of stop signs where most of the time the use of yield signs would be better.
    James C. Walker, Life Member – National Motorists Association



    The command officers in the safety department of the Michigan State Police who support the same principles I do are responsible for the safety of all road users.

    James C. Walker, LIfe Member – National Motorists Association



    Slower speeds aren’t “less safe.” Where did you ever get this idiotic idea, anyway?



    Congratulations, that was COMPLETELY non-responsive to my comment.



    All of which have led motorists to increase their risky behavior, so they haven’t really contributed to increased safety.



    The best thing to do is stand in the center of the structure at night and look up as the Freedom Tower is the only structure in view. That view is the one thing I like about the station.



    Drivers at or close to the actual 85th percentile speeds of traffic have a significantly lower crash rate than drivers far above or far below that speed.

    I’m pretty sure that statistic refers to motorists crashing into each other, not into pedestrians. At higher speeds, regardless of percentiles, motorists have less opportunity to detect conflicts with pedestrians (and cyclists, for that matter) and to avoid crashes, and at higher speeds, regardless of percentiles, the (greater number of) crashes that do occur are deadlier to pedestrians and cyclists.

    But as the National Motorists Association’s absurdly biased mouthpiece, you don’t care.



    Was off-line all day so only now able to look up and see that the Trust’s regular (monthly?) meeting *was* (emphasis on was) today at 4 pm (22 Reade Street). Too bad none of us posted that — we could have had a small crowd there to make a ruckus.





    Great photo of the overpass. Well, raise it a few feet next time it gets a major overhaul. (Looks like that could be soon.) Or dig down and lower the roadway a few feet.



    OK, so the trucks wait until the road gets a regular rebuild, this time strengthened to handle the heavier vehicles. But with the NB overpass above, well, I’m no engineer, but in my mind’s eye I see a bunch of standard issue machines digging a few feet deeper into the bedrock and then lowering the roadway to allow easy passage for busses. I see busses going SB near this same spot in one of the photos below.



    the solution is for every Fred and the 10,000 other daily cyclists will be to OWN-THE-LANE on the West Side Highway.



    “if the parks were open at night, the NYPD might regularly patrol them”
    They already do. To ticket people.
    The loop drive and all entrances should be the DOT’s, not Park’s.



    Hey, no barricade as of 5:20pm on Thursday. Also, glad somebody posted that old TA bulletin from 2003. TA got the NYPD to barricade off the Western traffic for bike/ped greenway traffic. TA should talk to NYPD about doing that again in 2016. It worked fine 13 years ago.



    Cathedrals also require a great deal of expense to maintain their luster, and they aren’t usually the color that shows stains most easily. :-p



    Couldn’t disagree more.
    That place is a fucking temple, a cathedral. I was in awe of the space.
    But yes, not worth $4,000,000,000.



    Like I said.
    Way too expensive. There’s no accounting for matters of taste.



    I don’t know what you call that architecture (postmodernism?), but it’s definitely not modernism. Modernism is more that blocky look you get in the mid-20th century. Robert Moses loved it.

    I don’t like the look of the oculus either, and think it will look even worse once it inevitably loses that white luster.



    That helps to some degree in cities like Portland, OR – which are mostly single family homes. They’ve legalized both additional dwelling units, and disconnected bedrooms (a bedroom that separate from the house).
    Here, it would be a drop in the bucket.
    I’m not against it, I just don’t think its going to actually help much.



    next to the park, but otherwise full agreement!



    Ironically / iconically they have two guys (one in green, one in white) on bikes wobbling their way to additional enforcement. I did the side stand scoot on one pedal and the big belly guy told me I had to walk it. I told him the sign says “Dismount”, and I didn’t want to walk on my cleats, he just kept riding south. I did see a woman riding a Citibike ON the southbound Westside Hwy because the traffic was snarling. There were tons of regular NYPD also, so I wonder if they wrote her up. There were solders with long rifles guarding the two sliding gates. It’s understandable because cyclists are almost like terrorists right.



    Now google “chem-trails”. Does the number of hits confirm that a fear of chemical laden trails behind aircraft is rational?
    Of course not.

    Sure, some people wouldn’t feel safe riding on the loop at 2 am. Great. They don’t have to. They should have bike lanes around the park to use.
    But, for me and the other 50% (your made up number, not mine) who feel perfectly safe cycling through the park to get home, we shouldn’t have to add time and miles to our commutes because of those who feel unsafe. Until they started ticketing for riding on the Park Loop after 1am, I did it all the time.

    It’s magical.

    Someone was attacked in the park at 2:30 pm recently.
    Maybe we should close it during the daytime, too? You know, for safety.


    Simon Phearson

    I hadn’t realized that there were more bike commuters than ferry commuters. Gosh! You think I can get BdB to subsidize my bike parking costs at the same rate that he wants to subsidize ferry operators?



    They should make drivers on the West Side Highway stop and push their cars for this section too!



    solution Is obviously to reallocate One lane of West side for cyclist exactly Like They did -13 years ago

    great Find


    Ben Fried

    The responses came from the press office, not the people making decisions.



    This is endemic of officials who refuse to recognize bikes as a legitimate form of transportation. IIRC, there are more bike commuters in NYC than ferry commuters. But there seems to be a staunch unwillingness to acknowledge the Hudson Greenway as a vital commuter corridor.



    Every inch of my body wants to take that sign and throw it on the highway.



    9,000 cyclists a Typical Day ride Past that spot.

    this weekend Might Be more than 12,000 each day.



    Also note (thanks to user ahwr for this link) that even 13 years ago they managed to detour this path during Fleet Week.


    Bernard Finucane

    One solution is to wear a hat.