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    I’m not sure you would have any legal ground to stand on.



    Eh, Afroduck deserved to have the book thrown at him.


    Jimbo from Malibu

    Agreed. Nothing you could do that’s worse than “touching my car.”






    If cops don’t a legal duty to enforce the law then DAs probably don’t have a legal duty to prosecute law breakers. Thanks SCOTUS!



    A sociopath like this could’ve tried to kill you for firmly signaling. I know I had an ambulance driver (not one with lights flashing or anything) come close to running me down for the grand crime of pushing my palm at him to signal “stay back” so I could live long enough to make a left turn.

    The cyclist’s crimes were two:
    1) Existing
    2) Falling to instantly make humble obeisance before this moron’s penis substitute


    Interceptor III

    Or literally asleep on the job. One I passed yesterday was sitting in his golf cart with his head back and his eyes closed.



    Especially in a city with great mass transit. That would be cruel AND unusual!



    Fuck Cy Vance! When is this asshole up for reelection?


    Interceptor III

    All of the actual policing that needs to be done on this bridge can and should be done by cctv and periodic foot (or bike) patrols from one side to the other. No cops – in golf carts or otherwise – need to be stationed on the bridge for hours on end. It’s complete BS, and proof that NYPD has more officers than are actually needed. It’s either make-work or punishment duty for the personnel sent out there.


    Cyrus Vancus

    Possibly sooner if he gets in the way of Mr. Henriquez’s SUV.

    DA’s community affairs # (212) 335-9082


    Doug G.

    Based on the efforts Cy Vance puts into prosecuting such offenses, it’s clear that embarrassing the DA and the NYPD is a far worse crime than actually killing or attempting to kill a person with a car.



    Either way, flipping off a driver shouldn’t result in that driver feeling like he has the right to murder you.

    Although now Cy Vance has more or less enshrined that right. Choosing not to prosecute is still a choice. And that choice sets the tone.


    Michael Klatsky

    Crown heights riots?



    Where did you get the idea that the train is cheaper? Just buying the train sets would be more expensive than the park. And that is before you rebuild the eroded right of way to carry heavy trains, lay track, build electrical substations, build passenger stations, build yard/maintenance facility fir the new division, build a new trestle over Jamaica bay, probably have to replace 6-7 restless along the way. And if you will connect to thesubwaythen you have to dig a .75 mile tunnel under Rego Park. Even without the tunnel you are not getting away with this for less than $1 billion.


    Eric McClure

    The Manhattan DA is too busy trying to get to the bottom of @BicycleLobby’s role in #BridgeFlagGate to wast time prosecuting vehicular assault. Priorities, everybody!



    Would it be crazy to give each of these cops a nice foot scooter (a Xootr, say) and a folding chair? I’d imagine they’ll be able to take off in pursuit of a perp a lot more nimbly and maneuverably on a scooter than in an interceptor.

    Problem with making it a bike-patrol duty is you couldn’t reasonably expect the cop to stand straddling their bike for hours on end while watching the bridge; needing to take a seat is totally understandable. But then they’d have get up, straddle the bike, and get going; hopping on a scooter would be faster.


    Eric McClure



    Mark Walker

    Apparently car owners have even more rights than gun owners, which is saying a lot. Attack someone with a gun and you go to jail for assault or attempted murder. Attack someone with a car — intentionally! — and you get a small fine. The NRA must be green with envy.


    Andres Dee

    They do? I thought the authorities generally enabled convicted DUIs to keep driving, through “traffic school”, “interlocks” and exemptions for going to work. We can’t condemn DUIs to walking or taking the bus, after all.



    for the record, i just saw a truck from the same company speed through a red light at a busy midtown intersection despite there being a crowd of pedestrians on either side of the street…



    It’s more likely just their own confirmation bias about blacks getting in trouble with the police, if it’s anything at all. Overall, I would think even the Archie Bunker demographic probably associates cycling with latte-sipping libruls who come in from Vermont and corn country.


    Ferdinand Cesarano

    I have ridden on Roosevelt Island several times. It is indeed small; so you run out of things to see very quickly. The other problem is that the new park at the southern tip is off-limits to bikes. It’s inconceivable that they would have such a policy.

    But the park just north of the new park is pretty nice. You can have the fascinating sight of lots of seagulls flying very low, to and from the buildings on which they have evidently made nests.

    The best thing about Roosevelt Island is the views that you can get. I took a great picture of two Queens icons: the Queensboro Bridge and the Citicorp Building.


    Jimbo from Malibu

    The ultimate in passive/aggressive enforcement. I feel better knowing those cops are glued to their smartphones.



    Is it even possible to cut for retirees?


    Robert Wright

    I wouldn’t have flipped him off. But I would have firmly signaled to him to back off and would have remained in the lane until it was safe for him to pass. Nearly every evening, I have vehicles driving aggressively close to me on narrow, one-way Hoyt St in Carroll Gardens and fear this kind of assault. I currently have a TLC complaint in against a limo driver that harassed me when I was riding with my son on a trailer bike in Park Slope. It’s very worrying indeed that the city doesn’t seem to find this appalling conduct – which could easily kill someone – worthy of any kind of serious punishment.



    The city should seize and seek forfeiture of the douchebag’s SUV as an instrumentality of a crime, just like they do with drunk drivers.



    I’m not in touch with the DA cycle — when can he be removed from office..?



    Well, I guess it is settled then, fund the capital plan by cutting wages and benefits for workers and retirees.



    I love how the Post uses a photo of another black cyclist above their lede for the story on rampaging bikes in Central Park. Considering their coverage of the recent high profile collision and now this, I’ve gotta ask – am I just seeing things, or is this an attempt to create some kind of meme about ‘dangerous black cyclists (“them”) running over middle class-ish looking white women (“us?)

    Because if it is, then I’m utterly disgusted. But then again, it is the Post.



    I’m not going to ask him to do such a painfully long commute (shorter than mine and with far fewer traffic lights), but the 3.5 mile challenge is still on the table.

    Actually, we could ride from the Hudson River Bike Path to the offices where they work, and back. Lets call it the Half Mile Challenge.

    You would think it should be easy for any of these able bodied adults to ride across Warren Street and up Centre Street or around the edge of Battery Park onto Water Street, in the #1 cycling city in America.



    I would’ve done every single thing this cyclist did: taking the lane, flipping the guy off, all of it.

    Basically, Cy Vance just told me I’m less important to him than the bike I ride on.

    I can’t believe he passes for a human being.



    Are we taxpayers paying for a car and driver for this out-of-touch DA?

    I’m really at a loss for how he expects to keep his job – or why we keep employing him – when on matters of public safety and basic justice, he is so obviously, dangerously, asleep at the wheel.



    At what point can Vance be charged and put on trial for his willful negligence?



    This. I had an awful encounter on Union St & 3rd avenue. I got so mad with the idiot threatening me with his car, that (and I am really not proud of this) I lost my temper and hit his car. He then tried to drive into me, at which point I went on the sidewalk to try to escape. He then proceeded to mount the sidewalk in his car and chase me the wrong-way down the one-way street. I escaped when he got stuck in traffic, but it made me realize that giving these idiots a piece of their own medicine is never the answer


    Joe Enoch

    Vance lives at West End Ave and 103rd St. According to Google Maps a bicycle commute to his office would be a lovely Hudson River Greenway ride of 7.8 miles and 40 minutes.



    realistically, if you want “justice”, you’d have to file a civil suit against Vance.



    So intentionally striking a cyclist is essentially legal, so long as you can afford $250 and, like, a couple of days off of work.

    Also, offering a plea of “leaving the scene of an accident with property damage” is positively Orwellian in this case, in which a man purposely attempted to murder another man. Some “accident.”

    Good luck in those wide parking lanes DOT loves so much, everybody!



    New York has a lot of unlicensed drivers, but that’s still against the law. If he’d been operating without insurance it seems unlikely that that wouldn’t have been an additional charge.

    So it’s probably that Henriquez had insurance. However, the civil suit would be centered around the extend of the injuries, not the mindset of the assailant. If the cyclist went to the hospital for a few stiches and a handful of pain meds, he’s not looking at a big payday.



    Hmm, I suddenly thought of license-reading drone-copters, tailing known offenders around town and collecting a video record of all their daily infractions.


    Brian Van Nieuwenhoven

    Wait, Vance wants to make an “example” out of Afroduck for running a time-trial on signed highways, so he’s letting that case drag on in court for months/years, but actually hitting someone intentionally (rather than intentionally risking a collision) gets a minor fine as a plea deal? Give me a fucking break



    What are the chances that Vance is an able bodied adult who lives within 5 miles of work?

    How about Polly Trottenberg and Bill Bratton?

    I’d gladly ride from Smith/9th to the Courthouse, City Hall, the DOT or Police Plaza with any of them. Which of these able bodied adults can ride 3.5 miles on a bicycle?

    They can also ride 3.5 miles back to Hoyt and 3rd with me. Thats 7 miles in a day, which any able bodied adult should be able to do.

    If they can honestly tell me they felt comfortable cycling at the end of this perfectly normal length commute through the most bike friendly part of the #1 cycling city in America, I would be very surprised.



    Now Bratton just needs to direct broken windows at his department.



    Heh, yeah. That “paycheck issues” thing drove them to either sit out or actively oppose CP, basically giving them a hand in fucking most of NYC’s workers. WFP is practically a conservative party in the original sense of the word. It just happens to represent the 2% ? n ? 5% rather than the 1%.



    Run three red lights on your bike: $1500 fine.

    Harass and attempt murdering someone: $250.

    NY sure has its priorities in order…

    The only good news here is that the NYPD did do its job for once, by talking to witnesses and filing the charges as shown in the PDF.


    Nicholas Littlejohn

    They also park their little cars on the Williamsburg bridge but they are out of the way and seems to increase safety at night.



    I’d rather start with bollards to protect bike lanes.


    Andres Dee

    Unfortunately so, but I spend a lot of time in other cities. There’s even less consideration and safety. Fewer people get hit because far fewer people are walking and cycling.


    Joe Enoch

    Without question. But you need to consider the driver’s assets. If he has insurance, which might be a big IF, the insurance company will probably just pay out the maximum they are required to as a settlement be done with it, but going after any further will require a jury verdict, which is an expensive process that probably won’t pay dividends unless this scumbag has considerable assets.

    It’s a long bleak road past the insurance payout….


    Andres Dee

    Bicycles don’t make very good weapons. There actually is a case in recent history of “vigilante justice” in reaction to a motorist killing a person on foot. A motorist deliberately ran a red, rationalizing that he was entitled because he had a strobe light and was escorting “someone important”. He struck and killed a child. Members of the child’s ethnic group attacked members of the driver’s ethnic group and murdered someone who “looked like the driver”. It didn’t go well. When all was said and done, what was lost in the tragedy is that the driver didthe wrong thing.