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    Thanks to folks who came to support the Lefevre family at the hearing. There is a vigil against traffic violence tonight at 7 pm at the corner of Morgan and Meserole, where the Mathieu Lefevre ghost bike is installed. Hope to see you there.



    What does Bloomberg have to do with a Port Authority project? The Port Authority is controlled by the governors of New York and New Jersey?



    This, the CityTime scandal, and the 911 overhaul disaster are what I think about every time someone wants to paint Bloomberg as some kind of master manager.

    A marked improvement over Giuliani perhaps. And smart enough to let JSK do her thing. But that’s that.



    Having legally been inside the hub several times I have one comment to say.
    Floors worth Hundreds of Millions of Dollars that felt as if I was walking on Ice in my steel toed boots…

    *In the “finished” sections.






    Aunt Bike

    Regarding the Post nonsense about the police officer’s apologetic attitude, I find it difficult to believe that very many drivers are being ticketed for going four miles over the limit.

    If you want to see people going much faster than that and not getting tickets, come to Staten Island.



    The Post story proves that there is no more entitled group of whiners than New York City drivers who’ve been caught breaking the law.



    I would also like to see parking banned from in front of new buildings. This is especially an issue with rowhouses. These vehicles pull out into the sidewalk/park on the sidewalk/out into traffic at numerous points. Instead, any parking should be constructed BEHIND the building. One way in and out.



    My favorite activist attorney? Who, Steve Vaccaro? Not me, man, I hate that guy. He’s too good looking.



    The Move NY plan and De Blasio’s proposal to eliminate parking minimums for affordable housing are things livable streets proponents should support.


    Tyson White

    Can anyone tell me if David Weprin’s mustache is real, or is it also a toupee?



    Yeah, Steve sure is earning the big bucks going to multiple DMV hearings with the hope of maybe, someday, hopefully, having a driver’s license suspended for as many as 30 days.



    Just rename yourself “Killsafe” and be done with it.

    That’s what you and Lancman want: a world where you can kill, shift around a few assets, and get back on the road to kill again. And again. And again.



    The minimum required insurance for cars registered in New York is $25,000 for bodily injury and $50,000 for death for an individual. That’s nowhere near a seven figure payout that you seem to suggest is possible in car crashes, and in fact, isn’t going to cover more than a few days of hospital and an ambulance ride. The way our health system works, is that the individual injured is responsible for their own heath bills, and there are many cases where people injured in crashes on bikes end up paying a significant chunk of the medical bills in spite of the potential $25,000 payout from insurance companies.

    Most lawyers won’t take cases to try and extract more money than the limit of what people are insured for, because they won’t make back enough in contingency to make it worth it. So, for many vulnerable users, they simply end up holding the bag to pay for their own medical expenses.


    Aunt Bike

    Transportation Alternatives has an online petition to support the Right Of Way law…..


    Shawn R

    I was on my way to work, In Buffalo NY 2009 when I was hit head on by a Flex Bus in a crosswalk zone headed for college campus who was driving unusually fast. I was saved by my Helmet and back pack.. dragged some 80 feet. I was not granted usual interjection deposition of my statement and blamed for running the light. New York State needs laws to protect pedestrians and commuters in crosswalk.



    Edited: “Now that the law is being enforced, we’re seeing how deeply the commitment to protect [their organized labor support] runs among the city’s lawmakers.


    Andres Dee

    Motorists’ typical prescription for the consequences of their actions to people who walk and bike is to “get the bicyclers and pededestrians off the road”. Their approach to the notion that it might be their parent or child is that they will “provide” for their family, so that they never need to walk or bike.

    I recall a conversation I had with a classmate back when I was an undergrad:
    He: “Y’know I passed you this morning and nearly hit you.”
    Me: “Don’t hit me.”
    He: “You bicyclers shouldn’t be on the road.”



    If you read Lancman’s statement closely, it’s clear he’s trying to gut a key provision of the Right of Way Law–the driver’s defense of due care. As currently drafted, the law allows the driver charged with failure to yield to come forward with evidence to establish that the crash occurred despite the use of due care. Lancman appears to be putting the burden of disproving the driver’s due care on the police. That changes everything.

    The pedestrians and cyclists who are protected under the Right of Way law often suffer shock, concussion, retrograde amnesia, or death, which prevents them from being able to give an accurate account of how the crash occurred. Drivers who strike cyclists or pedestrians typically are unharmed and fully able to give their version of events. The burden should be on the drivers to come forward with evidence of due care–not on the victim to prove the absence of due care.

    In addition, the evidence of the driver’s lack of due care is typically hidden from view by tinted windows and the frame of the car. Except in fatal and near-fatal collisions, police do not investigate drivers’ cell phone records, or gather videotape of the crash. So if it is up to the police to demonstrate the absence of due care, it will only happen in CIS cases — perhaps 400 cases a year — not in the thousands of cases the Right of Way Law is intended to address.

    Let the driver come forward with his or her cell phone records to prove they were paying attention. Let them look around for videotape showing that the pedestrian darted out. That is where the burden of proof belongs. Not on the victim, Councilmember Lancman.



    It’s only a “remedy” if you happen to be hit by someone with assets or proper insurance. Why should justice to crash victims be decided by luck of the draw?



    Sorry, but the remedy for traffic accidents is civil court. Funny how your favorite activist attorney never mentions the seven figure cah settlements he’s looking for.



    Not all Manhattan is like that. Garages uptown are closer to $200 / month territory and lots of people park on the street. You also see plenty of cars that are more than 5 years old (my neighbor has one that dates from the past millennium :-)



    You have a lot to say, and calling it something that shares some syllables with the word logorrhea would be too polite. People with cars in Manhattan? Figure conservatively they’re paying $11/day ($20k over 5 years) for owning it for 5 years and about $16/day to store it ($500/month storage costs). That’s not even considering gas, maintenance, depreciation, financing costs, insurance, tickets, etc.. These are not people who care about spending another $5.54 to drive to Brooklyn Bridge Park. If it affects them at all, it gets them there faster.

    And the working class? I can think of two circumstances under which most members of the working class drive: (1) they’re paid to drive for some reason. (2) they’re paid enough to live in the suburbs, which probably means being in a public sector union.

    There might be exceptions, but there is no reason to fuck the rest of the working class to cater to a few exceptions.


    Joe R.

    Queens to Manhattan in 30 minutes? I guess you’re talking about 1 AM. Good luck doing it in anything less than an hour most times of day. Often just crossing one of the free bridges takes 30 minutes. This only goes to show how illogical motorists are. You don’t save time driving into Manhattan compared to taking the subway (except maybe at 1 AM). You certainly don’t save money given how expensive cars are to own/operate (even without tolls). Parking in Manhattan is a major hassle. So what the f is the point of driving into Manhattan? Just don’t do it! From a rational standpoint it makes no sense at all unless you’re driving a delivery vehicle. Most of the working class in NYC already know this and take the subway in. The point of the tolls is to persuade the stubborn few percent who don’t that it’s in their best interests to not drive in, either.



    Current sponsors are now:
    I. Daneek Miller, Donovan J. Richards, Elizabeth S. Crowley, Maria Del Carmen Arroyo, Vincent J. Gentile, Alan N. Maisel, Andy L. King, Annabel Palma, Ruben Wills, Rafael L. Espinal, Jr., Inez D. Barron, Mathieu Eugene, Fernando Cabrera , Vincent Ignizio, Steven Matteo, Eric A. Ulrich



    Lancman/right of way:
    Ok we’ve all blasted Miller and the other supporters of this very bad bill; it’s now getting more important to tell your OWN council members to oppose it.



    I don’t have much to say but this is outrageous. What if a person from Manhattan wants to go to Brooklyn bridge park at summer?

    Only a quarter of Manhattan households own a car. And, of that quarter, I’d be very surprised if as many as a quarter would even considering driving to Brooklyn Bridge Park.

    If you don’t want to pay a toll, perhaps you could follow their lead and try the subway. Hint: take the 2/3 to Clark Street, the A/C to High Street, or the F to York Street.

    Imagine the # of business’s being affexted. Especially the small little mom and pops store.

    I can imagine the large # of business’s that can receive (and make) faster and more reliable deliveries. Especially the small little mom and pops store. Is that the sort of affext you had in mind?

    Even with surplus, THEY DO nothin to help the commuters. All they do is stuff their pockets with more money.

    Congratulations, you’ve found Streetsblog. There’s a lot of good information here regarding the MTA and its finances. I suggest you take advantage.

    (P.S. What surplus?)

    Guess what moveny, your plan is all good on paper but did you go and ask the working class.

    You want me to ask them? I’m heading out to work soon, and they ride the subway with me.

    Di d you go see how the regular human would react that aren’t the top 1%.

    Most regular humans in this city don’t own cars.

    Do you see how many businesses you’ll destroy?

    I’m trying to think which businesses I’m destroying. The squeegee guys, who rely on speed traffic? I thought Giuliani already destroyed them.

    This plan is a utter disgusting one. 8.6 million people in NYC and increasing.

    And most of them don’t even own cars.

    And you people don’t realize, I can get to manhattan from queens and back within 25-30 minutes.

    So this is all about you?

    Taking the. Subway at 1? FUHGEBOUT IT

    I took the subway at 1 last night, and I was hardly alone (I didn’t even get a seat).


    Mohammed Habib

    I don’t have much to say but this is outrageous. What if a person from Manhattan wants to go to Brooklyn bridge park at summer? Yeah. How many of us are willing to pay the extra just to do that. Not Me for sure. I’m a working class citizen and that extra 10 bucks isn’t worth it. But hey that’s not only affecting me. Imagine the # of business’s being affexted. Especially the small little mom and pops store. Don’t you think it’s ridiculous? You pay the MTA. OH and you think those people will actually make our commute better? Realistically speaking. They improve fares every year. Even with surplus, THEY DO nothin to help the commuters. All they do is stuff their pockets with more money. Guess what moveny, your plan is all good on paper but did you go and ask the working class. Did you go see how the regular human would react that aren’t the top 1%. Do you see how many businesses you’ll destroy? This plan is a utter disgusting one. 8.6 million people in NYC and increasing. Sorry, congest will always HAPPEN. ITS NYC Baby, always people. Always busy. And you people don’t realize, I can get to manhattan from queens and back within 25-30 minutes. Taking the. Subway at 1? FUHGEBOUT IT



    Avella is a pig and racist.



    I know this car free conflict has been going on for several years but still none
    of the campaigns or opinions brought any changes. What do you think is the main reason behind it?



    The lack of daylighting in NYC is absolutely insane. It’s not just a problem for pedestrians, or pedestrians and cyclists – it’s also scary as a driver to try to get through an intersection where cross traffic doesn’t stop if there’s no daylighting.

    Getting rid of parking at every intersection in the city is certainly a hard sell, but I think it’s a prerequisite for achieving Vision Zero.


    Brett Amione

    Agreed, it’s certainly unfortunate and unfair that certain populations are denied expanded mobility options. NYC Bike Share and city politicians should look into models of other cities improving and increasingly bike-share facilities to more mixed and lower-income neighborhoods.




    Lol. Thanks for the fond memories.



    Great piece and very diplomatic!

    It is time for the Mayor to show he has more than a wonderful vision, and that his team can get stuff over the finish line. Results matter.

    And yes, the “first-year transition period” is over. De Blasio carries an added burden as the Poster Child for liberal ideals (which he has brought on himself). If his ideas cannot become reality on the ground – Vision Zero, a world-class public education system, an expanding middle class, a building boom of affordable housing – then the criticisms will take hold – that liberals are out of touch with reality, their ideas are just ideas and not actionable, and they often lack the experience to actually govern.

    The ideas are great – now we need to see them work.


    Anon resident

    Hutch Metro Center houses the Bronx Chamber of Commerce…..and they do what???????



    Access needs to be expanded particularly in the outer boroughs.



    Source of natural gas. Fracking? energy used to make the fertilizer from the NG, energy needed to make the pesticides for the soy and the corn, etc feed. Energy to transport this to the farm factories, all emissions from the animals, emissions from/ all of the energy needed to keep the slaughtered animal refrigerated for the aging process, transported on diesel trucks to warehouse, to stores, energy needed for refrigeration in the low efficiency open coolers that supermarkets use…I don’t have all those calculations, but even if that SUV vs. vegetarian emissions statement is off, as pointed out in Cowspiracy, the Methane emissions (and Nitrous Oxide) are worse in the short term, AND the comparison gets the conversation started, where people are often, as stated in Cowspiracy, hesitant to even recognize Animal Ag as a factor. We don’t want to offend anyone…type attitude.



    Not exactly what you want, but here.

    2002-2006 Pedestrian crashes by vehicle type.
    Vehicle type, % of registrations, Fatal Crashes, Severe injury crashes, Total KSI crashes, % of total
    Buses, 0.4%, 44, 133, 177, 3%
    Trucks, 3.6%, 74, 172, 246, 4%
    Taxi/Livery, 2.1%, 44, 727, 771, 13%
    Passenger, 90%, 439, 4091, 4530, 79%



    would we do well, or would we just be lying, ignoring the COW in the ROOM? If we’re only focusing on the tiny hole in our pocket where an occasional coin drops out while ignoring the hand reaching into our other pocket taking out bills–what are we accomplishing?

    Perhaps the environmental group should entirely shift focus and only be pushing for changes in diet, our subsidies of factory farms and poor regulation of the pollutants these corporations are allowed to pump into our environment.

    Carbon Tax, what about a Methane Tax? Nitrous Oxide Tax? each of which are worse than carbon for our atmosphere, especially in the short term.



    Not sure the connection. Living creates emissions, yes. And we can spend our money on anything. Are you proposing people choose to not get a pet and allocate those pet funds to funds to feed people? Interesting.



    I was listening to an interview with climate scientist that claimed grass feeding to create MORE emissoins, but there are a lot of factors, certainly, including the energy needed to produce the pesticides and fertilizers for the feed, and transport it to the farm factory…


    Larry Littlefield

    This is why I’m still waiting for the matrix of x struck by y in cases of serious injury or death that I hope that city legislation would require.

    With detail, dividing motor vehicles into private cars, taxis, trucks, vans and buses, and dividing bicycles into those riding for exercise, commercial cyclists, and those riding for transportation. And including one person pedestrian accidents (ie. falls on the street or sidewalk) to put everything in perspective.

    What we may find is that trucks and buses account for a very large share of pedestrian deaths and injuries. That’s sort of an inconvenient truth around here, because while some might wise for a world without private cars, none would expect a worked without delivered goods and mass transit.

    But it has to be dealt with. Just as the fact that most of the severe bicycle-pedestrian collisions don’t include people cruising around on Citibikes and their ilk, but rather those riding fast for exercise in places where there are lots of clueless pedestrians.


    Larry Littlefield

    This guy clearly didn’t deserve to be one of them, and the union should have agreed.



    I think paint is sufficient in regards to parking because your vehicle would be towed. I think it fails in regards to standing, which is just as bad at these locations.

    And as mentioned, having nothing there would allow for wider turns.



    I don’t understand why the vehicle was not moved at the time. How long has that been that way, judging by the trees…

    How could the city allow this poor quality of work? The job’s not done!



    We’d laugh at the DOT paint team if we weren’t crying.



    That sounds like asking for $5, being turned down and asking for $1000 instead.

    Going back to 2-way avenues would be great, or at least having contraflow bike lanes. The good news is we’ve already reserved space for the contraflow bike lane by putting the existing protected lanes on the wrong side.


    Joe R.

    We’ve heard this shit 1000 times. It’s no more true the 1000th time than it was the first time.


    Ben Fried

    Dropping 10 comments into the same thread in the space of a few minutes, repeating the same points and responding multiple times to the same comment, is an abuse of the discussion section.