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    I’ve seen signs on the highways when entering the city. But I guess someone who drives in the city and has never left it could claim they never saw them. But the the DOT sometimes conducts education campaigns, and I assume that everyone who took driving classes in the city must have been taught the speed limit.

    Anyway, ignorance is not an excuse. Everybody who is licensed should be aware that there’s probably some sort of speed limit, even if they moved from Wichita last night. It is their responsibility to find out what the limit is.



    There is so many ways afroducks stunt could have ended in an occurrence like this.



    Rail bed replacement means removing the previous railbed and…replacing it (i.e., constructing a new one). If there is none, even better.

    The M7 is a much bigger, heavier piece of equipment used on mainline rail lines. I don’t know why you’d bring it up when you can simply look at a car order NYCTA is making or made recently, but that’s actually not even that out of proportion to what I said. Double the number I cited, which was basically the R160 costs adjusted for inflation, and consider that $14M 10-car train is probably smaller than an 8-car M7 set. Whatever additional equipment NYCTA needs to operate Rockaway Line, if any, is probably a rounding error on the next nine- or ten-figure car order.

    Neither of the construction examples you cite are, to my knowledge, exclusively at-grade or on existing ROWs that are public owned. Both appear to involve expensive land acquisition, and certainly the Dulles extension involves lots of grade separation. As are many projects in NYC, WMATA is overbuilding of course.



    Good point. Amended the above post accordingly. Cy Vance didn’t really get elected on vision zero, but he did campaign on street justice.


    Philip Neumann

    Considering there are no posted speed limit signs, it’s reasonable to assume that no one knows the speed limit here. Travel to California and you see the limit everywhere – no excuses when you’re pulled over.


    Philip Neumann

    We’ve asked to share the space. They’ve chosen to circumvent the laws and do as they please. I’m not being narrow-minded I’m simply calling out some of the bullshit they’ve been pulling within that particular neighborhood. In fact, a few city council members and public advocates have been investigating their (potentially) illegal real estate practices (i.e. denying housing applications from anyone not Hasidic, specifically denying anyone African-American). With regards to the bicycle infrastructure, that bike lane was built for safety and because motorists have a very difficult time “sharing the space” with anyone not like them (not in an auto). You really should find another blog to troll.



    Not rail bed replacement, but rail bed construction. Have you ever been up there? And the train sets cost quite a bit more. Current 8 car M7 train sets are $18million and the newer cars are even more expensive. And the electrical infrastucture also has to be built from scratch. In fact surface extensions of BART and the DC Metro out to Dulles cost $251 million/mile and $268 million/mile respectively. Even light rail can run upwards of $100-200 million/mile.


    Kevin Love

    At least highly unusual.


    Kevin Love

    This is New York. Several people have indeed hired the District Attorney. For details, I suggest inputting into Google “New York District Attorneys who have taken bribes.”


    Joe R.

    I’ve dealt with all kinds of people in my life. Some people are reasonable. Those types usually won’t use their vehicles against cyclists or pedestrians. Others are hot-headed but will listen to reason. They might start something once or twice but once the error of their ways are pointed out they’ll stop. Still others are just ignorant. Maybe can’t understand why a cyclist might need to take the lane. Give them a set of good reasons and they’ll change their ways. Sadly, some small minority of people are totally unreasonable. I’ve found very little except force works against this group. In this case “flipping the bird” is a means to an end, the end being to hopefully anger the person enough to get out of their car so you can settle the score on more even terms. I always remain strongly opposed to physical violence as a means of last resort. However, if it comes to that, so be it. I put someone who bullied me in the hospital back in 7th grade. No other choice. The bullying wouldn’t stop. The parents and teachers did nothing. I finally took matters into my own hands, sneaked up on him, and struck him repeatedly with a piece of rebar until he stopped moving. He never bothered me after that. Nobody else did, either.

    It’s the same thing here. These people may not understand why they shouldn’t run into cyclists or pedestrians, but they WILL understand not to if it hurts when they do. One caveat though-before you resort to violence exhaust every other means to defuse the situation. As I said, the vast majority of people out there are amenable to reason if you approach them properly.

    As for this particular case, my thoughts are this driver is a hothead. Sooner or later he’ll get into a confrontation with another hothead. If there’s any karma in this world, they’ll take each other out. That’s usually what happens to people like this. If they don’t change their ways, eventually things catch up to them. True story-my mom was mugged once in the late 1970s. She picked the guy’s picture out from a set of pictures of known criminals. The police never got him. A few years later he turned up dead. Karma in action.



    I think your imagination is running a bit wild about costs here. Most of the rail bed replacement stuff you mentioned was done a few years ago in New Jersey for around $6M/mile;if you want to triple that, to be incredibly generous to your claims about having to replace everything including several trestles, you still don’t approach reactivation costs of $120M by a long shot. I don’t even know what you mean about Jamaica Bay, since that part is already active.

    Anyway, given the service gap such a service closes on the subway, it would be well worth a billion. But it just doesn’t need to be that expensive because we have a ROW already.

    As for train sets, it depends on service levels/patterns, but perhaps a good rule of thumb now is $7 million per 5-car set. The same amount of vehicle capacity in bus form would have similar upfront vehicle costs.


    Joe R.

    Using deadly force to prevent fleeing the scene of a felony is legitimate under certain circumstances:

    Tennessee v. Garner, 471 U.S. 1 (1985)[1], was a case in which the Supreme Court of the United States held that under the Fourth Amendment, when a law enforcement officer is pursuing a fleeing suspect, he or she may use deadly force to prevent escape only if the officer has probable cause to believe that the suspect poses a significant threat of death or serious physical injury to the officer or others.

    I tend to think the hazards to officers and others posed by a vehicle attempting to flee the scene after hitting someone would be adequate justification for use of deadly force.


    Ryan Brenizer

    well, no. Getting struck by a car and THEN shooting the driver is murder, cop or not. Any possible scenario where a gun can legitimately be used as self defense in traffic is straight out of a b-list action movie.


    Joe R.

    It’s not just the times a cyclist gets assaulted when maybe they did something to inflame the situation, like give the finger, or take the lane even when there might have been room on the right. The times when a cyclist does absolutely nothing but gets attacked are what really irks me. Twice this year I’ve had stuff thrown at me for no reason at all-water once, and eggs last week. In both cases, I was doing absolutely nothing wrong other than being there. After seeing the results here of a case of assault with witnesses, I’m of the mind that cyclists must defend themselves in any way possible from these attacks. Take that as you will.



    He ran unopposed last year. So it’ll be 2016. I’ve seen him speak at alumni events in NYC in the past . . . I wish there was one coming up now.



    I’m not serious about the tire spikes, but it would be nice to have a decent countermeasure.

    Totally. You’re totally unprotected while this angry person in an actual weapon is threatening you. Personal airbags?



    As tempting as it is to smash a window or induce a flat tire when dealing with road raging drivers who try running you off the road, please, do not take the bait.

    If you damage a car, they will prosecute you to the fullest extent of the law. It’s f’d up, but I’m serious. They will not plea down. They will throw the book at you. In part, and this is bullshit, but the “elite” class identify with the drivers and car owners. You can’t have them fighting back. Now if we were living in Florida . . . “I was just standing my ground!”



    You don’t hire the District Attorney you stupid fuck.



    A civil suit was filed and quickly settled on acceptable terms.


    Adam Herstein

    Fucking scumbags.



    This is by no means the only deliberate strike following a flipping off I’ve seen. Just sayin’.



    Hold it. Do you have any reason to believe that, had the victim been a pedestrian, this would have turned out any differently?


    dave "paco" abraham

    He was a big help to the Harbor Ring and has been included in many articles about our campaign. We also made mention to him in the speeches during the rally.



    More evidence that Cy Vance doesn’t give two shits about street safety or justice.



    Its too bad that MADD is a temperance organization in disguise because they could be an important voice in the safety discussion. This crash happened 2 blocks from a subway station, and green cabs and Uber have even taken away the outer borough excuse.

    Anyway, someone needs to ask the more important question here: was the parked car wearing a helmet?


    Ian Dutton

    Absolutely sickening that you can use a vehicle as a weapon and it’s not taken seriously in the least by the DA. If he had intentionally rammed his car into the back of another car in a road-rage incident he would have faced far more serious charges, I have no doubt. #zerovision



    No! That’s what the DOT calls “shared space”…you not only get to share it with the tons of people that walk this corridor (and I’ve walked it…and avoid it at all costs because of what a mess it is) but also with all of the trucks that park there for the Gov Island Ferry and for construction work at the Battery Maritime Building and, in the past few months, trucks parked to work on the Montague tubes repair. But don’t worry, the U turn from South St around to get on the FDR going north is unimpeded.


    Joe R.

    Not a bad idea actually. I’ve thought of rocks, but ball bearings are smaller and denser, hence easier to carry. I also doubt you would face any weapons charges if caught with them unless a cop actually saw you using one. “Hey officer, I’m just delivering some ball bearings to my friend who works in a machine shop.”


    Joe R.

    There’s a good chance the driver would have been shot dead while attempting to leave the scene. And strictly speaking, this would be a good shooting in that the cop was assaulted with a deadly weapon. He would be well within his rights to use deadly force to counter it. You can also use deadly force to prevent a suspect from leaving the scene of a felony, which is what this really is even if Cy Vance doesn’t see it that way.



    When my two wheeler was a motorcycle, my more leather clad associates told me they carried steel ball bearings to toss through windshields of those who had threatened them. Historical recollection only.


    Mark Walker

    And if the victim were a cop? Do we even need to ask what the outcome would be?



    This would be so great not only for recreation but for opening up a free way to get between Staten Island and Brooklyn.

    I just hope there would be a follow through with safe and comfortable paths from the bridge to St. George.

    The connection from the Staten Island Ferry to the East River Bikeway could also use an improvement RIGHT NOW. The connection from the “world’s shortest bikeway” in front of the terminal essentially wants you to ride on a sidewalk packed with tourists in front of the Battery Maritime Building right now.



    I’m surprised the the article doesn’t mention the late Steve Faust, who was the most outspoken advocate of a bike path on the Verrazano.


    Danny Wade

    Caltrops would work about as well as the horn I installed it to give drivers a heads up when they were about to do something oblivious. At such times, I end up being too busy maneuvering to honk until afterwards, so it’s more like an “FU Too” signal.

    I’m not serious about the tire spikes, but it would be nice to have a decent countermeasure.



    Even though they’re not intended for use against a human, I am willing to bet you’d be charged with weapons possession in NY if a cop caught you with them.


    Joe R.

    They have catch you first. Best thing is to follow the vehicle from a distance, wait until it’s parked at least a few minutes, then do your “business”. Make sure you have no witnesses when you do. Bonus points if you can find a place to hide and watch the driver’s face when he/she gets back in their vehicle.



    Oh, I see, I have never heard of this. Nevertheless, something tells me you’d still be on the hook for damage to their vehicle, 250 dollar fine is much cheaper than 4 tires. At this point, I trust you realize I’m not making a serious suggestion.


    Joe R.

    This asswipe of a driver needs some friendly people from the mob to make him an offer he can’t refuse. Or better yet some big guy with a raspy voice sneaking up behind him with a piano wire while softly saying “Michael says hello.”


    Danny Wade

    Caltrops are for flattening tires, the idea being to stop an attack without inflicting personal harm.


    Chris Peplinski

    I think the problem is the mta keeps borrowing money they dont have and when they leave to the taxpayers to keep them out of debt,



    How in the world is this not attempted murder. Hey, all you murders out there take note, if you shoot someone, you’ll go to jail, but if you instead use a car as your weapon of choice, 250 dollar fine. No problem.


    Eric McClure

    Build it.



    Tom Hagen – “It was an accident.”
    Luca Brasi – “Yeah, it was an accident.”



    Why? You’ll go to jail for shooting someone. If you want to inflict harm in a way where you won’t be punished, wait till the get out of their car then drive over them. Apparently that’s a’okay.


    Joe R.

    I tend to flip people off when they do something dangerous to me only once I’m out of their line of fire. It’s all too easy for some hot head driving his penis extension to tap the gas and put me on the ground. Once they’ve passed me, there’s not a whole lot they can do which I can’t easily counter. I actually would welcome them stopping, getting out of their vehicles itching for a fight. Given the poor shape of many drivers, I’d have the upper hand in that scenario. Of course, few bother to do that. After all, these people are cowards once they’re out of their vehicles.

    Yep, Cy Vance is a sub human piece of dog excrement as far as I’m concerned. Thanks to him, drivers are free to run cyclists down, throw things at them, or use their vehicles to intimidate with little chance of any real punishment. If this were a civilized country this guy would never drive again. He would also forfeit his vehicle, with the proceeds going to victims of crimes like this.



    I’ve done my share of flipping off drivers and over time noticed the following results -

    you’re seeking out the crazies. you’ll eventually find someone with highly destructive levels of anger and the ability to act on it.

    you’re not winning anyone over. just angering reasonable people.

    it pisses me off to put up poor behavior but its ultimately more effective to be the calm you want to see on the roads.


    Danny Wade

    That’s it, I’m carrying caltrops from now on, with a low threshold for using them.


    Cyrus Vancus

    That wouldn’t even approach substituting for the DA prosecuting this ass hat. The point is this shouldn’t be a tort, it’s a criminal act of assault. Auto insurance payouts and civil suits aren’t advancing Vision Zer0.



    Afroduck deserved to have the book thrown at him, but Jose Henriquez did too, and I’d say that intentionally injuring someone is even worse than being a reckless fool.


    Brian Van Nieuwenhoven

    That’s not the point. This balance of priorities doesn’t serve the public interest at all. Afroduck should have a fast trial and his license severed. Vance should be dragging it out with drivers who use their cars as weapons, not as toys.