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    Maybe if a few more people pull out hatchets the citizens will get some respect


    Joe R.

    Although I love the idea in concept, in general the only protected characteristics under hate crimes laws are race, religion, ethnicity, nationality, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, and disability.

    Bicycle-Americans anyone? Or maybe Velo-Americans?


    Joe R.

    I do a lot of gesturing, especially to make it clear to people crossing that I’m giving them the right-of-way. I might see the value of a bell or horn to alert someone whose head is buried in their phone, but I rarely encounter that on my rides.


    Tyson White

    The curb jumping double-decker bus driver is now a “hero”. Geez!


    Ferdinand Cesarano

    Typically these are cases where, if my horn or my shouts were not heard, I would have to stop. As I mentioned, at least one of these cases happens every day.

    I work hard to ensure that the drivers and pedestrians know that I am there. For this reason I also use white gloves and lots of hand waving. I strive to be as conspicuous and predictable as possible at all times. Doing otherwise is a big mistake.



    I didn’t say it was pointless for YOU to express your annoyance. If you re-read my post, you’ll see that I felt it was pointless to express MY annoyance.


    Joe R.

    Question-if you didn’t alert them to your presence would the end result be a collision? The way I typically ride, it doesn’t matter if a driver or pedestrian knows I’m there. I usually keep a pretty large buffer zone so even if somebody does something totally stupid at the worst possible moment, I have an out.


    Ferdinand Cesarano

    I have a simple air horn with a bulb. I use it every day. It is very effective for alerting both pedestrians and drivers of my presence.


    Cold Shoaler

    Seems like a stretch. I’d be thrilled just to see it prosecuted it as a regular-type crime.


    Joe R.

    Noise-making devices in general on a bike seem pointless, at least from a safety/warning standpoint. I put a small bell on my bike a few years back only because I didn’t want to get a ticket if I was ever stopped by the cops. I have yet to use it.


    Interceptor III

    I emphatically object to the notion that expressing my annoyance is pointless. It’s practically all I’ve got.



    exactly why I removed my Airzound horn. When I needed it, I was too busy braking and maneuvering to avoid a collision. Using it afterwards to express my annoyance just seemed pointless.


    Enough is Enough


    Enough is Enough

    Unfortunately, District Attorney Cy Vance was cut off by the 140 character limit. Otherwise, this is what he would have tweeted: “We have an inviolable right to walk safely in our communities without being shot or killed but feel free to continue man slaughtering New Yorkers with motor vehicles. That does not bother me at all and I will continue to avoid prosecuting drivers who kill and maim on the streets of New York City.”



    Sunnyside yard development…. Could the promise of easy real estate billions finally get NJTransit and the LIRR to think seriously about through running?



    SI is no longer the fastest growing borough, yet articles still cling to this belief. Actually, it is the slowest-growing one. But it is exactly better transit, and more Transit-Oriented Development around stations, that will enable it to grow sustainably.



    Are you referring to ‘vigulante’, or ‘douchbag’, or ’till’, or ‘gots’, or ‘moneys’, or ‘talkin’?



    Agreed – thank you for honoring Families for Safe Streets!! These families have suffered such enormous, unfair, often under-reported losses. A huge thank you for channeling this into a powerful movement, towards change for the better.


    Brad Aaron

    This forum exists to foster dialogue on how streets, which are public spaces, can be made safer for all users. We value diverse opinions but don’t allow ad hominem attacks.

    Based on his comments here and on and other sites, “dopemove” isn’t interested in livable streets. He will no longer be commenting on Streetsblog.

    This thread is closed.



    Haven’t finished reading the reading it yet, but I’m not sure that description of the CBC report is accurate. They seem to be saying expansion projects aren’t very cost-effective at meeting existing needs and the criteria for selecting which projects get funding are poor/nonexistent. They do call for the MTA postponing expansion plans until crtieria are established, which sounds rather dramatic to me when you consider such a process that should probably take weeks or months rather than years to figure out.

    The report actually seems rather supportive of expansion in theory, though myopic about it – no mention of low-hanging fruit like Triborough RX or the Rockaway Line for instance. But they cite the unbuilt 10th Ave. 7 station and 7-to-Secaucus as important projects. (I guess CBC people all live in Midtown and New Jersey or something.) Maybe they simply overestimate the MTA’s say in these matters; it builds what it’s told to build.



    How is letting cars park on Kent Ave during the High Holy days not sharing the space? And what does it matter how they conduct real estate business in their neighborhood? I don’t think that’s the problem, I think the issue is all these new resistants and new bicycle riders feel empowered to take what they want and dictate how others should live because of some privilege they think they have. This is not sharing, it’s just outrage masked as a civic concern. Fuck the Kent Ave bike lane, fuck Williamsburg, and fuck everyone who thinks they can do a better job by sharing their unwanted opinions.



    I can’t wait to see how much the MAS can get the government to spend on a pretty new station without any new capacity for actual trains and riders.

    Should we start a pool? Or do it “The Price is Right” style? I say $10 billion, not including Moynihan.


    David Keegan

    It would be a hate crime b/c the crime was motivated by a bias (causing violence to someone riding a bicycle) and the criminal acted out his intent.


    Peter H

    While we’re on the subject, can we talk about the parks police in the Hudson River Park who drive their FULL SIZE SUV up the bike path and down the pedestrian areas regularly?!?!? Admittedly it’s a much bigger area to cover than a bridge, but it does make you wonder who the wizard is who tells them to drive their huge vehicle through the crowds.



    4 years on, and we even have more bike share systems now and theft seems to not be a problem at all.



    This was a wonderful event which reminded me how far bike advocacy, activism, and culture has come in the past 30 years. congrats to all involved and special shout to the powerful members of Families for Safe Streets who attended and spoke. it was heartbeaking, transformative, inspirational.

    As i rode a citibike!! from brooklyn to manhattan over the brooklyn bridge (hashtag glorious! hashtag home in 20 minutes!) i listened to music and thought about bike infrastructure, fairness, the prevailing strength of love, about my own children …and on all the struggles and frustrations of urban living…but mostly i thought how lucky i was to be able to bike in this city and how kick-ass fun it can be.

    I hope that spirit of fun, of adventure, and yes, of efficiency and speed stays with us as we (mostly you) press forward for safer, more egalitarian streets (…and not just for bikers of course but for all, especially the most vulnerable)


    Cold Shoaler

    Spark-plugs break windows. Smash-and-grab thieves figured out that shit back in the crack years. Ceramics, yo.


    Cold Shoaler

    I don’t know if it’s “crazy”, but why would this be a hate crime?


    Cold Shoaler

    It’s dumbfounding how profoundly someone encased in a multi-ton machine will lose their shit if you TOUCH “their car”. It’s as if you could harm them or the “property damage” done by the hand of a pedestrian or cyclist were meaningful.



    sounds like a little spell check is in order


    susan boyle

    It seems like in addition to assault charges it could have been prosecuted as a hate crime…. is that crazy?
    Is TA considering heading up a petition or letter writing campaign directed at the DA?



    Oh man, I hope the DOT doesn’t remove the bollard because it harmed someones car!


    Andres Dee

    She’ll probably sue the city over the bollard. Bet we’ll soon hear “the community wasn’t consulted and people will die because emergency vehicles can’t negotiate the bollards”, the way we did along Fort Hamilton Parkway in Brooklyn.


    Joe R.

    Actually, if we had only infrastructure which damages cars driven unsafely in lieu of enforcement the streets would be far safer. Enforcement is at best sporadic but infrastructure is always there. Personally, I would have used much larger bollards.

    We should also seriously consider putting sturdy metal posts between traffic lanes at intersections. The purpose would be twofold. One, it would prevent the idiotic jockeying around for position to gain one car length which seems to be in vogue these days. Two, it would force drivers down to a reasonable speed as they would be forced to thread their way between the posts. Drivers would have to change lanes in between intersections. This might actually force some of them to do a little advance planning instead of dangerous, last second maneuvers.


    Allen Wong

    he has many many friends of powerful political organizations !!! CAN’T BE TOUCH EVEN IF HE DID INTENT IT !!


    Allen Wong

    He can’t drive anymore I bet !


    Cold Shoaler

    I end up abandoning the bike lane after the second or third such encounter. I’ve found that the bus lane on the other side of the street actually makes a decent alternative.


    Cold Shoaler

    Has the NYPD leaked anything about why the bollard was at fault? I bet that thing was looking at its phone and wearing dark clothing when it darted into the middle of the street against the light. I mean, in the rain, too. Get a flashlight already! Dummy.

    We really need a well thought out, aggressive street furniture safety/awareness campaign to make sure all bollards understand their responsibility to not get run over in this city. I just hope the driver’s okay. She must be so upset, to the point of not deserving any kind of punishment whatsoever.

    Damn bike lanes… oh wait, for once they don’t seem to be a factor as none were installed here due to an obvious lack of space.


    Joe R.


    Who installed your solar panels? We’re looking into getting that done within the next few years.



    I had an odd interaction in the 120th precinct where I was treated very rudely. I found out a bunch of the things they did was against their manual like not showing me their badge number or tell me their names. They told me they would have never pulled me over if I was in a car. I was in a bike lane, I was not even stopped for a traffic violation. I was randomly stopped, just because I was on a bike.

    I felt that the police didn’t care about me as a vulnerable road user. Now I feel like the DA doesn’t either. I just want to be treated as a human being.


    Opus the Poet



    “I swear, the pedestrian [island] came out of nowhere!”

    Now how about changing the pedestrian “LOOK” campaign to one for drivers on their car windshields?



    Sounds to me like a little vigulante justice is in order! If that douchbag hit me and only had to pay a $250 fine… I’d hunt him down and hit him with a $250 baseball bat till I gots my moneys worth!
    But that’s just my southern upbringing talkin.



    I pleaded non guilty for riding on sidewalk and showed judge picture where i was stopped when i entered driveway. Judge said driveway is part of sidewalk and i was guilty, he even didn’t bother to ask the cop if I rode any significant distance after entering driveway.



    As someone who is recently hit by a hit-and-run driver while riding my bicycle without a helmet I can definitely attest to the fact that I am one of the very few lucky people that did not die from my accident and was extremely fortunate to have only suffered a minor back fracture and some light road rash along with a slight bump on my head as I hit into a parked car on the side of the road. I definitely will be wearing a helmet in the future and will never make that mistake again and I’ve also gotten side view mirror is for my bike because you need to definitely be cognizant of who’s coming up behind you as well as what’s going on in front of you. unfortunately the driver took off nobody got the plate only a description of it being a white SUV and I’m sure the police didn’t have too much to go on and needless to say two months later I haven’t heard anything back from them on the possibility of catching this person as a lifelong bike rider in New York City I can say I’ve definitely seen my share of accidents but by far pedestrians especially nowadays in New York not from New York tend to act like they are strolling on a country road and just walk out wherever they feel like they want to especially while listening to music not paying attention whatsoever to their surroundings and are definitely the biggest hazard for car drivers as well as bike riders.



    As you’re saying, it is all about lessening demand for energy. An oversized TZ bridge with subsidized tolls will only induce demand for more driving by, among other things, shortening driving times to vast tracts of future subdivisions in Ulster, Sullivan, and Orange Counties. And all those houses will mostly be far larger than most Brooklyn residences, so require more energy to heat and cool as well.



    The comptroller’s office says that some of the 1,213 claims do not have an agency attached to them, so they were not included in the breakout of 1,151 claims sorted by agency.


    Interceptor III

    I’ve had interactions bad enough to prompt me to call the police several times. I’ve never had an NYPD experience that made me think it was worth my time. This has even been the case twice in the beloved 78th. If you’re on a bike, cops are not for you.


    interceptor III

    I would think that without a conviction on some relevant charges any insurer would assume it was an “accident”. I’ve often wondered if in some cases getting a conviction might actually leave the victim without recompense. Insurance won’t pay, assailant has no assets, you lose a second time.



    Also I should mention that absolute numbers can still provide low hanging fruit for focus areas where reductions in fatalities can be made.

    Much like the intersections with the most pedestrian deaths may not be the most dangerous on a per-pedestrian basis, but improving them will yield the most life savings.