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  • Bushwick Residents to DOT: More Bike Lanes, Please

    Bushwick residents told DOT where they would like to see bike lanes in their neighborhood. Photo: NYC DOT/Flickr Dozens of Bushwick residents came out in the cold last night to suggest where to add bike lanes to their neighborhood. Currently Bushwick only has a pair of painted bike lanes on Central Avenue and Evergreen Avenue, plus bike-lanes-in-their-neighborhood/>[...]

  • Pieces in Place for AASHTO to Endorse Protected Bike Lanes… by 2020

    Part of the Indianapolis Cultural Trail, installed in 2011. Michael Andersen blogs for The Green Lane Project, a PeopleForBikes program that helps U.S. cities build better bike lanes to create low-stress streets. The bible of U.S. bikeway engineering, last revised just before the modern American protected bike lane explosion, will almost certainly include protected lanes in its bike-lanes-by-2020/>[...]

  • Dutch Suburbs Are Like America’s, and Protected Bike Lanes Work Fine There

    This post is part of The Green Lane Project, a PeopleForBikes program that helps U.S. cities build better bike lanes to create low-stress streets. This is the first in a two-post series on Dutch suburbs. People the in U.S. street design world — sometimes even people who write for this very website — regularly say that U.S. bike-lanes-work-fine-there/>[...]

  • DOT Proposes Riverside Drive Traffic Calming, But Not Bike Lanes

    Riverside Drive is getting a road diet and a 25 mph speed limit, but bike lanes? Fuhgeddaboudit. Image: DOT [PDF]Last night, DOT presented a plan to the Manhattan Community Board 9 transportation committee that would bring pedestrian safety improvements and a road diet to Riverside Drive, but DOT is proposing no bike lanes for the bike-lanes/>[...]

  • U.S. Awareness of Protected Bike Lanes Is Literally Growing Exponentially

    Michael Andersen blogs for The Green Lane Project, a PeopleForBikes program that helps U.S. cities build better bike lanes to create low-stress streets. As people in the protected bike lane movement start to get a handle on 2015, it’s worth pausing to look at the magnitude of 2014′s success. If any one chart can tell the story bike-lanes-is-literally-growing-exponentially/>[...]

  • This Week: Transportation Tech, Central Brooklyn Bike Lanes

    Most of the action this week is happening on Wednesday, starting with an expert panel at the NYU Rudin Center about how technology is affecting transportation and land use. As always, check the calendar for the full slate of events. Here are the highlights: Monday: DOT will present an update on proposed bike lanes to the Brooklyn Community Board 14 bike-lanes/>[...]

  • DOT: Seaman Avenue Bike Lanes Won’t Return This Year

    Cyclists on Seaman Avenue will have to make do with sporadic preliminary bike lane markings until sometime in 2015. Photo: Brad Aaron The asphalt is fresh, the yellow lines and crosswalks installed, but DOT won’t be returning bike lanes to Seaman Avenue until next year, according to the office of local City Council Member Ydanis Rodriguez. Seaman bike-lanes-wont-return-this-year/>[...]

  • Hey #bikenyc: Where Would You Put New York’s Next Protected Bike Lanes?

    At the September press conference where Bicycling Magazine named New York City the best American city for biking, NYC DOT Commissioner Polly Trottenberg committed to adding five miles of protected bike lanes per year “all over the city, not just in the core of Manhattan.” Since then, anytime I’ve been at bike events or out on the streets shooting video, I’ve bikenyc-where-should-we-put-the-next-protected-bike-lanes/>[...]

  • Reimagining Jay Street With Shared Space and Protected Bike Lanes

    A two-way, center-running bikeway and a bus lane would be added to Jay Street south of Tillary Street under a concept suggested by Transportation Alternatives. Image: Street Plans Collaborative for Transportation Alternatives Jay Street is one of the major north-south spines of Downtown Brooklyn. The street is full of pedestrians near MetroTech, cyclists going to and bike-lanes-on-the-table-in-downtown-brooklyn/>[...]

  • Eyes on the Street: When Will Inwood Get Its Scarce Bike Lanes Back?

    Seaman Avenue at Isham Street, looking north. New asphalt and markings, but no bike lanes. Photo: Brad Aaron As Streetsblog readers know, Inwood is the Manhattan neighborhood where DOT periodically and without warning takes away bike infrastructure. So locals were pleased when in 2013 DOT announced a handful of modest bike projects for Inwood and Washington Heights, bike-lanes-back/>[...]

  • Four Reasons Pedestrian Injuries Have Plummeted Along Protected Bike Lanes

    Dearborn Street, Chicago. Michael Andersen blogs for The Green Lane Project, a PeopleForBikes program that helps U.S. cities build better bike lanes to create low-stress streets. Protected bike lanes are good at making it safer to bike. But they are great at making it safer to walk. As dozens of thought leaders on street safety gather in New bike-lanes/>[...]

  • As Citi Bike Expands, So Should NYC’s Protected Bike Lanes

    When Citi Bike launched last year, ridership numbers quickly surpassed levels seen in other cities. New York’s system had a number of advantages — more stations, more bikes, more places to go, and more potential customers, for starters. But there’s another reason so many people felt comfortable hopping on the blue bikes: For years before bike-expansion-to-succeed-nyc-needs-more-protected-bike-lanes/>[...]

  • Portland Tries Out “Advisory Bike Lanes

    “Advisory bike lanes,” like this one in the Netherlands, allow drivers to cross into the bike lane when it’s necessary and can be done safely. Photo: Portland Bureau of Transportation via Bike Portland Portland is importing a new kind of bike lane design from the Netherlands. “Advisory bike lanes” allow drivers to use the bike lane bike-lanes/>[...]

  • U.S. DOT to Publish Its Own Manual on Protected Bike Lanes

    FHWA’s Dan Goodman pointed to before-and-after images from New York’s First Avenue redesign to show how protected bike lanes can improve safety. Photos: David Shankbone/Wikimedia and NYC DOT Before the end of this year, the Federal Highway Administration will release its own guidance on designing protected bike lanes. The agency’s positions on bicycling infrastructure has matured in recent bike-lanes/>[...]

  • Why You Can’t Trust TV News to Report on Bike Lanes

    Earlier this week, in an “investigation” seeking to link bike lanes to traffic congestion, ABC 7 reporter Jim Hoffer drove around Manhattan avenues timing his trips. The station ostensibly wanted to test DOT’s numbers showing that average travel times on two streets with protected bike lanes decreased after the lanes were installed. It’s a terrible way to bike-lanes/>[...]

  • New DOT Report: Protected Bike Lanes Improve Safety for Everyone

    Injuries are down across the board on protected bike lane segments with at least three years of post-implementation crash data. The total number of injuries for cyclists dropped slightly even as the volume of cyclists on these streets increased, leading to big drops in what DOT calls “cyclist risk.” Chart: NYC DOT In sync with Bicycling bike-lanes-improve-safety-for-everybody/>[...]

  • India’s Health Minister Wants Protected Bike Lanes Nationwide

    There’s encouraging news out of India, where cities expect to add hundreds of millions of residents in the next few decades but are already choking on traffic congestion and auto exhaust. A senior Indian government official wants the nation to embrace bicycling. Photo: Wikipedia Dr. Harsh Vardhan was appointed to lead India’s health ministry by newly elected prime bike-lanes-nationwide/>[...]

  • Could DC Add Bike Lanes to Its Traffic Circles?

    London is adding a bike lane to one of its famous traffic circles. Image: City of London via BeyondDC Roundabouts can have big safety and environmental benefits, but can they be adapted to be great places for bicycling as well? “DC’s big traffic circles are notoriously difficult places to bike,” writes Dan Malouff at BeyondDC. “They have bike-lanes-to-its-traffic-circles/>[...]

  • How One-Day Plazas and Bike Lanes Can Change a City Forever

    The Minneapolis Bicycle Coalition installed this pop-up design at an Open Streets event to show neighbors what a protected bike lane could look like. All photos courtesy of Sam Rockwell. This post is part of a series featuring stories and research that will be presented at the Pro-Walk/Pro-Bike/Pro-Place conference September 8-11 in Pittsburgh. Sam Rockwell rides his bike every day from bike-lanes-can-change-a-city-forever/>[...]

  • Contraflow Bike Lanes Finally Get Nod From U.S. Engineering Establishment

    Contraflow bike lanes could soon be included in an influential traffic engineering guide. Photo: NACTO Buffered bike lanes have been used in some American cities for decades now, and an increasing number of cities are implementing contraflow bike lanes. But only just now are these street designs getting official recognition from powerful standard-setters inside the U.S. bike-lanes-finally-get-nod-from-u-s-engineering-establishment/>[...]

  • In Portland, Merchants Lead the Charge for New Protected Bike Lanes

    A bike lane protected from traffic by a row of planters, like this one from Vancouver, BC, is one option being considered for 2nd and 3rd avenues in Portland. Photo: Bike Portland Here’s a group of business owners who understand the power of safe, multi-modal city streets. Michael Andersen at Bike Portland is reporting that, rather than bike-lanes/>[...]

  • How to Stop NYPD From Blocking Bike Lanes

    Ninth Avenue, Midtown South Precinct. Photo: Stephen Miller We’re seeing a lot of photos this week of police parked in bike lanes. Fortunately, there is something cyclists can do about it in addition to submitting documentation to Cops in Bike Lanes. Blocking a lane is not merely a sign of disrespect on the the part of NYPD. bike-lanes/>[...]

  • How a Lack of Respect Can Literally Erase Bike Lanes

    We have bike lanes like this where I live, especially after winter: The ones so faded you can barely make them out. This faded bike lane is outside the office of the Minneapolis Bike Coalition. Photo: Scott Shaffer has noticed this problem in Minneapolis, and he makes an interesting point about it at Network blog That last bike-lanes/>[...]

  • Pittsburgh and Bill Peduto Get Cracking on Downtown Bike Lanes

    Big things are happening in Pittsburgh. Last year, the city elected new mayor Bill Peduto, who came into office with a bold message about remaking the city’s streets. Pittsburgh was then chosen this spring as one of six focus cities where the Green Lane Project will help fast track high-quality bike infrastructure. Peduto wants to make progress before bike-lanes/>[...]

  • San Diego Added 39 Miles of Buffered Bike Lanes in the Last Year

    The city of San Diego built miles of buffered bike lanes in the last fiscal year. Photo: Adrian Granda via BikeSD San Diego has a deserved reputation for being not the friendliest place to ride a bike in the state of California. This map shows the location of new bike lanes. Image: BikeSD But lately the city has bike-lanes-in-the-last-year/>[...]

  • Glen and Trottenberg Predict Growth for Citi Bike, Plazas, and Bike Lanes

    Transportation Commissioner Polly Trottenberg said DOT will focus on bringing pedestrian plazas to more outer borough neighborhoods like Corona, Queens. Photo of Corona Plaza: Clarence Eckerson Two key de Blasio administration officials sounded optimistic notes today about the expansion of the bike lane network, public plazas, and bike-share. While bike infrastructure and public space projects haven’t been high-profile bike-plazas-and-bike-lanes/>[...]

  • Protected Bike Lanes Make the “Interested But Concerned” Feel Safer Biking

    Portland State University study, June 2014 If you like painted bike lanes, you’ll probably love protected bike lanes. That’s a key finding from the first academic study of U.S. protected lanes, released this week, which surveyed 1,111 users of eight protected lanes in five cities around the country and 2,301 people who live near them. Among people whose most bike-lanes-make-the-interested-but-concerned-feel-safer-biking/>[...]

  • Protected Bike Lanes Attract Riders Wherever They Appear

    Michael Andersen blogs for The Green Lane Project, a PeopleForBikes program that helps U.S. cities build better bike lanes to create low-stress streets. Second in a series. The data has been trickling in for years in Powerpoint slides and stray tweets: On one street after another, even in the bike-skeptical United States, adding a physical barrier bike-lanes-attract-riders-wherever-they-appear/>[...]

  • As Vision Zero Shapes NYC Streets, Don’t Forget the Bike Lanes

    The Kent Avenue bike lane helps people live relatively far from the subway without owning a car. Photo: NYC DOT When New York City began to rapidly accelerate the expansion of its bike network in 2007 — adding 366 miles of bike lanes over seven years — the pent-up demand for cycling became strikingly clear. More New bike-lanes/>[...]

  • Real Talk: Why the Mayor of Memphis Is Building Protected Bike Lanes

    Michael Andersen blogs for The Green Lane Project, a PeopleForBikes program that helps U.S. cities build better bike lanes to create low-stress streets. While the Green Lane Project team was interviewing smart people around the country for our new video about the rise of protected bike lanes, we asked Mayor AC Wharton of Memphis why he’s been such bike-lanes/>[...]

  • Anthony Foxx Kicks Off Nationwide Project for Better Bike Lanes

    U.S. Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx praised bike infrastructure as a way to get more value out of existing U.S. streets. Photo: Green Lane Project Staring down a highway trust fund that he described as “teetering toward insolvency” by August or September, U.S. Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx said Monday that better bike infrastructure projects are part of bike-lanes/>[...]

  • East 106th Street Road Diet and Bike Lanes Head to Manhattan CB 11

    DOT is proposing a road diet for East 106th Street. CB 11′s transportation committee could vote on it as soon as next month. Image: DOT Running between Fifth Avenue and FDR Drive, 106th Street in East Harlem should provide a key bike connection between Central Park and Randall’s Island. NYC DOT is proposing a road diet and bike-lanes-proposed-for-east-106th-street-await-cb-11-support/>[...]

  • Bike Lanes Don’t Lead to Congestion, But Some of Them Should

    After bike lanes were installed in Minneapolis, there were more cars per unit of road space, but still not enough to meet the threshold for congestion. Gretchen Johnson and Aaron Johnson have posted a nice debunking of typical “war on cars” rhetoric over at fivethirtyeight. Johnson and Johnson gathered before-and-after traffic data from 45 miles of streets where Minneapolis installed bike bike-lanes-dont-lead-to-congestion-but-some-of-them-should/>[...]

  • The Next Breakthrough for American Bike Lanes: Protected Intersections

    As protected bike lanes become more widespread in the United States, creating physical separation from motor vehicle traffic that makes more people comfortable cycling on city streets, advocates are starting to push for even safer bikeway designs. One area where the current generation of American protected bike lanes leaves something to be desired is intersections. How bike-lanes-protected-intersections/>[...]

  • Send Us Your Pics of Snowy Neckdowns and (Un)Plowed Bike Lanes

    How is the first snowstorm of the de Blasio era treating you? Clarence has been out on the streets, perhaps working on a sequel to his “Snowy Neckdowns” blockbuster from 2011 (which was itself a sequel to this 2007 video). After the streets have been plowed and drivers carve out their routes, all that snow piling bike-lanes/>[...]

  • Why Cyclists Love Green Bike Lanes

    At the end of the day, it’s just paint. But green bike lanes and intersection treatments have a powerful appeal to cyclists, writes Dan Malouff at Beyond DC, because of what they say about streets: Green paint on bike lanes and at intersections sends a strong message about what streets are for, says Dan Malouff. Image: bike-lanes/>[...]

  • Glenn Beck’s Advice to de Blasio: “Lose the Stupid Bike Lanes

    America’s favorite right-wing conspiracy theorist has some advice for Mayor-elect de Blasio. The Observer asked people they deemed to be “influential” New Yorkers for a short piece of advice for Mayor-elect Bill de Blasio. Of the 57 members of what the Observer calls “the peanut gallery,” 14 had something to say about transportation. If nothing else, it’s [...]

  • Denver Tech Companies’ Number 1 Demand: Bike Lanes

    First Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel famously threatened to steal Seattle’s tech workers with protected bike lanes. Then Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn fired back saying the city would use protected bike lanes to keep them there. The leader of a Denver business association said that bike lanes are a top recruiting priority. Image: whiteXbread/Flickr Today, Michael Andersen at bike-lanes/>[...]

  • Ignoring Dozens of CB Votes, Lhota Says Bike Lanes Drop From the Sky

    When it comes to bicycling, Joe Lhota has a penchant for ignoring facts in favor of opinions. As Hurricane Sandy approached landfall, the then-MTA chief tweeted a photo of a man riding in a shared lane on Fifth Avenue in Park Slope, implying that bike lanes are to blame for bike-bus crashes. This May, he bike-lanes-from-the-sky/>[...]

  • TA Poll: Majority of Citi Bike Users Want Protected Car-Free Bike Lanes

    Image: Transportation Alternatives In the latest issue of “StreetBeat,” Transportation Alternatives shares the results of the first in a series of online “flash polls” of Citi Bike riders. The polls are intended to gauge how members use the system, and how they’d like to see Citi Bike, and city streets, made better. Over 2,200 people responded bike-users-want-protected-car-free-bike-lanes/>[...]

  • NYPD: Still Blocking Bike Lanes

    East Village: Given the angle of this parking job, it looks like someone's been watching "Kojak." What strikes me about the Cops in Bike Lanes Tumblr, which we first wrote about last week, is the variety. Cruisers, vans, motorcycles, scooters — regardless of vehicle type, NYPD will leave it in the path of cyclists. Unfortunately, given NYPD’s bike-lanes/>[...]

  • Chicago Business Owner: No Protected Bike Lanes Is a Dealbreaker

    As our Chicago readers are well aware, Mayor Rahm Emanuel has made bike infrastructure a key part of his economic strategy. Since Emanuel took office, Chicago has been adding protected bike lanes perhaps faster than any city in the United States. The famously sharp-tongued Emanuel has even pledged to attract businesses from other cities, notably Seattle, bike-lanes-is-a-dealbreaker/>[...]

  • This Week: Protected Bike Lanes, Crash Maps, Bike-Friendly Biz

    The week kicks off with community board meetings about protected bike lanes in Brooklyn and Manhattan today, followed on Tuesday by a panel on bike-friendly business districts. On Thursday, the City Council’s transportation committee considers a bill that would create a traffic crash map, while the State Senate’s transportation committee talks MTA budgets. Thursday afternoon, bike-lanes-crash-maps-bike-friendly-biz/>[...]

  • Finally, Someone Made a Tumblr of NYPD Blocking Bike Lanes

    Photo: Cops in Bike Lanes In the grand tradition of the now-defunct MyBikeLane and UncivilServants, one upstanding citizen, who wishes to remain anonymous, has created the Tumblr every New York City cyclist has dreamed of: Cops in Bike Lanes. The name really says it all. If you want to add to the collection, which seems to be bike-lanes/>[...]

  • Informed of Safety Benefits, Most NYC Voters Want Protected Bike Lanes

    Image: TransAlt/Penn Schoen Berland A poll released by Transportation Alternatives today [PDF] sheds some new light on how NYC voters feel about street redesigns and automated enforcement when the policies are framed in terms of safety benefits. Opinion polls by Marist, Quinnipiac, and the New York Times have consistently shown that New Yorkers support bike lanes by a bike-lanes/>[...]

  • Harlem CBs Dither on Pedestrian Safety While SI Board Begs for Bike Lanes

    Four-lane roads in need of traffic calming: Staten Island Community Board 1 voted to support a community request for bike lanes and traffic calming on Clove Road, left, while Manhattan Community Boards 9 and 10 delayed a community-driven road diet plan for pedestrian islands on Morningside Avenue, right. Photos: Google Maps (left, right) Last week, Staten bike-lanes-while-harlem-cbs-dither-on-pedestrian-refuges/>[...]

  • Detroit to Add 50 Miles of Bike Lanes This Year

    Detroit’s streets are changing, and it’s a beautiful thing to witness. Despite its recent bankruptcy, thanks to the help of philanthropic institutions in the area, the Motor City is moving to repair some of the damage that’s been done by decades of promoting the speed of cars over the health of neighborhoods. New bike lanes are bike-lanes-this-year/>[...]

  • CB 1 Committee Endorses DOT Plan for Tribeca Bike Lanes

    Routes with new sharrows and bike lanes are indicated in blue. Work is set to commence north of Canal Street next week. Image: DOT The Tribeca committee of Manhattan Community Board 1 passed a resolution last week in support of a DOT proposal to add bicycle lanes on Church Street and West Broadway [PDF]. The plan was modified bike-lanes/>[...]

  • Four Ways Protected Bike Lanes Benefit Businesses

    The question isn’t whether your city can afford to build high-quality bike infrastructure anymore, say our friends at the Green Lane Project. It’s whether your city can afford not to. Protected bike lanes can boost the visibility of businesses and increase customer access. Image: Green Lane Project The Green Lane Project has been working with the Alliance bike-lanes-benefit-businesses/>[...]

  • After the Addition of Bike Lanes and Plazas, Manhattan Traffic Moves Faster

    Car traffic into Manhattan has basically stayed flat since the recession, while transit ridership has started to rebound. Image: DOT After several blocks in the heart of Times Square were pedestrianized and protected bike lanes were added to five avenues in the middle of Manhattan, motor vehicle traffic is actually moving more smoothly than before, according bike-lanes-and-plazas-manhattan-traffic-moves-faster/>[...]