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  • East 106th Street Road Diet and Bike Lanes Head to Manhattan CB 11

    DOT is proposing a road diet for East 106th Street. CB 11′s transportation committee could vote on it as soon as next month. Image: DOT Running between Fifth Avenue and FDR Drive, 106th Street in East Harlem should provide a key bike connection between Central Park and Randall’s Island. NYC DOT is proposing a road diet and bike-lanes-proposed-for-east-106th-street-await-cb-11-support/>[...]

  • Bike Lanes Don’t Lead to Congestion, But Some of Them Should

    After bike lanes were installed in Minneapolis, there were more cars per unit of road space, but still not enough to meet the threshold for congestion. Gretchen Johnson and Aaron Johnson have posted a nice debunking of typical “war on cars” rhetoric over at fivethirtyeight. Johnson and Johnson gathered before-and-after traffic data from 45 miles of streets where Minneapolis installed bike bike-lanes-dont-lead-to-congestion-but-some-of-them-should/>[...]

  • The Next Breakthrough for American Bike Lanes: Protected Intersections

    As protected bike lanes become more widespread in the United States, creating physical separation from motor vehicle traffic that makes more people comfortable cycling on city streets, advocates are starting to push for even safer bikeway designs. One area where the current generation of American protected bike lanes leaves something to be desired is intersections. How bike-lanes-protected-intersections/>[...]

  • Send Us Your Pics of Snowy Neckdowns and (Un)Plowed Bike Lanes

    How is the first snowstorm of the de Blasio era treating you? Clarence has been out on the streets, perhaps working on a sequel to his “Snowy Neckdowns” blockbuster from 2011 (which was itself a sequel to this 2007 video). After the streets have been plowed and drivers carve out their routes, all that snow piling bike-lanes/>[...]

  • Why Cyclists Love Green Bike Lanes

    At the end of the day, it’s just paint. But green bike lanes and intersection treatments have a powerful appeal to cyclists, writes Dan Malouff at Beyond DC, because of what they say about streets: Green paint on bike lanes and at intersections sends a strong message about what streets are for, says Dan Malouff. Image: bike-lanes/>[...]

  • Glenn Beck’s Advice to de Blasio: “Lose the Stupid Bike Lanes

    America’s favorite right-wing conspiracy theorist has some advice for Mayor-elect de Blasio. The Observer asked people they deemed to be “influential” New Yorkers for a short piece of advice for Mayor-elect Bill de Blasio. Of the 57 members of what the Observer calls “the peanut gallery,” 14 had something to say about transportation. If nothing else, it’s [...]

  • Denver Tech Companies’ Number 1 Demand: Bike Lanes

    First Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel famously threatened to steal Seattle’s tech workers with protected bike lanes. Then Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn fired back saying the city would use protected bike lanes to keep them there. The leader of a Denver business association said that bike lanes are a top recruiting priority. Image: whiteXbread/Flickr Today, Michael Andersen at bike-lanes/>[...]

  • Ignoring Dozens of CB Votes, Lhota Says Bike Lanes Drop From the Sky

    When it comes to bicycling, Joe Lhota has a penchant for ignoring facts in favor of opinions. As Hurricane Sandy approached landfall, the then-MTA chief tweeted a photo of a man riding in a shared lane on Fifth Avenue in Park Slope, implying that bike lanes are to blame for bike-bus crashes. This May, he bike-lanes-from-the-sky/>[...]

  • TA Poll: Majority of Citi Bike Users Want Protected Car-Free Bike Lanes

    Image: Transportation Alternatives In the latest issue of “StreetBeat,” Transportation Alternatives shares the results of the first in a series of online “flash polls” of Citi Bike riders. The polls are intended to gauge how members use the system, and how they’d like to see Citi Bike, and city streets, made better. Over 2,200 people responded bike-users-want-protected-car-free-bike-lanes/>[...]

  • NYPD: Still Blocking Bike Lanes

    East Village: Given the angle of this parking job, it looks like someone's been watching "Kojak." What strikes me about the Cops in Bike Lanes Tumblr, which we first wrote about last week, is the variety. Cruisers, vans, motorcycles, scooters — regardless of vehicle type, NYPD will leave it in the path of cyclists. Unfortunately, given NYPD’s bike-lanes/>[...]

  • Chicago Business Owner: No Protected Bike Lanes Is a Dealbreaker

    As our Chicago readers are well aware, Mayor Rahm Emanuel has made bike infrastructure a key part of his economic strategy. Since Emanuel took office, Chicago has been adding protected bike lanes perhaps faster than any city in the United States. The famously sharp-tongued Emanuel has even pledged to attract businesses from other cities, notably Seattle, bike-lanes-is-a-dealbreaker/>[...]

  • This Week: Protected Bike Lanes, Crash Maps, Bike-Friendly Biz

    The week kicks off with community board meetings about protected bike lanes in Brooklyn and Manhattan today, followed on Tuesday by a panel on bike-friendly business districts. On Thursday, the City Council’s transportation committee considers a bill that would create a traffic crash map, while the State Senate’s transportation committee talks MTA budgets. Thursday afternoon, bike-lanes-crash-maps-bike-friendly-biz/>[...]

  • Finally, Someone Made a Tumblr of NYPD Blocking Bike Lanes

    Photo: Cops in Bike Lanes In the grand tradition of the now-defunct MyBikeLane and UncivilServants, one upstanding citizen, who wishes to remain anonymous, has created the Tumblr every New York City cyclist has dreamed of: Cops in Bike Lanes. The name really says it all. If you want to add to the collection, which seems to be bike-lanes/>[...]

  • Informed of Safety Benefits, Most NYC Voters Want Protected Bike Lanes

    Image: TransAlt/Penn Schoen Berland A poll released by Transportation Alternatives today [PDF] sheds some new light on how NYC voters feel about street redesigns and automated enforcement when the policies are framed in terms of safety benefits. Opinion polls by Marist, Quinnipiac, and the New York Times have consistently shown that New Yorkers support bike lanes by a bike-lanes/>[...]

  • Harlem CBs Dither on Pedestrian Safety While SI Board Begs for Bike Lanes

    Four-lane roads in need of traffic calming: Staten Island Community Board 1 voted to support a community request for bike lanes and traffic calming on Clove Road, left, while Manhattan Community Boards 9 and 10 delayed a community-driven road diet plan for pedestrian islands on Morningside Avenue, right. Photos: Google Maps (left, right) Last week, Staten bike-lanes-while-harlem-cbs-dither-on-pedestrian-refuges/>[...]

  • Detroit to Add 50 Miles of Bike Lanes This Year

    Detroit’s streets are changing, and it’s a beautiful thing to witness. Despite its recent bankruptcy, thanks to the help of philanthropic institutions in the area, the Motor City is moving to repair some of the damage that’s been done by decades of promoting the speed of cars over the health of neighborhoods. New bike lanes are bike-lanes-this-year/>[...]

  • CB 1 Committee Endorses DOT Plan for Tribeca Bike Lanes

    Routes with new sharrows and bike lanes are indicated in blue. Work is set to commence north of Canal Street next week. Image: DOT The Tribeca committee of Manhattan Community Board 1 passed a resolution last week in support of a DOT proposal to add bicycle lanes on Church Street and West Broadway [PDF]. The plan was modified bike-lanes/>[...]

  • Four Ways Protected Bike Lanes Benefit Businesses

    The question isn’t whether your city can afford to build high-quality bike infrastructure anymore, say our friends at the Green Lane Project. It’s whether your city can afford not to. Protected bike lanes can boost the visibility of businesses and increase customer access. Image: Green Lane Project The Green Lane Project has been working with the Alliance bike-lanes-benefit-businesses/>[...]

  • After the Addition of Bike Lanes and Plazas, Manhattan Traffic Moves Faster

    Car traffic into Manhattan has basically stayed flat since the recession, while transit ridership has started to rebound. Image: DOT After several blocks in the heart of Times Square were pedestrianized and protected bike lanes were added to five avenues in the middle of Manhattan, motor vehicle traffic is actually moving more smoothly than before, according bike-lanes-and-plazas-manhattan-traffic-moves-faster/>[...]

  • This Week: 125th Street SBS and East Harlem Bike Lanes

    There are just seven days until New Yorkers cast votes in the September 10 primary. Tonight’s televised Democratic mayoral debate is the final installment in what’s been a grueling schedule of sparring for the candidates. The debate isn’t on the Streetsblog calendar, but here’s a look at what is: Tonight: At a Community Board 11 meeting, DOT bike-lanes/>[...]

  • Cabbie Blames Cyclist He Hit and Bike Lanes for Midtown Curb-Jump Crash

    The Post is doing its best to assign partial blame to the cyclist who was struck by cab driver Mohammed Himon in Tuesday morning’s crash on Sixth Avenue, but the paper got Himon to confess that he intentionally stepped on the gas before mounting the curb and hitting Sian Green, the 23-year-old tourist who lost part bike-lanes-for-midtown-curb-jump-crash/>[...]

  • Times Poll: New Yorkers Really Love Bike Lanes, Bike-Share, and Plazas

    Across boroughs, ages, races, and income levels, New Yorkers like bike lanes, bike-share, and plazas. Image: NYT This morning, the New York Times released a comprehensive poll on what New Yorkers think of Mayor Michael Bloomberg and programs from his administration. Bike-share, bike lanes, and plazas got high approval numbers across boroughs, ages, races, and income levels. Many bike-lanes-bike-share-and-plazas/>[...]

  • Jersey City’s Missing Bike Lanes Will Be Striped This Fall, City Promises

    Although Hoboken has taken the lead on implementing New Jersey’s best bike infrastructure, Jersey City looked like it was poised to catch up to its northern neighbor last year. Mayor Jerramiah Healy laid out a plan to bring bike lanes and sharrows to his city’s streets, but the plan stagnated under his administration. Newly-elected Mayor bike-lanes-will-be-striped-this-fall-city-promises/>[...]

  • Anthony Weiner, Ready to Erase Bike Lanes, Won’t Be Cowed by “Jihadists”

    It may be news to the national audience of BuzzFeed, but Anthony Weiner once said he would hold ribbon cuttings on his first day in Gracie Mansion to rip out the city’s bike lanes. He now insists the expletive-laced promise was a joke, but he’s firm in his opinion that at least two of the bike-lanes-pushes-against-policy-jihadists/>[...]

  • Finally! Protected Bike Lanes May Get Key Federal Endorsement

    Protected bike lanes are pretty much the bee’s knees. They make people feel safer riding a bike. They have led to significant increases in cycling and major reductions injuries to all street users. Protected bike lanes could get a big boost from the federal government. Image: Green Lane Project Cities are literally racing to install these things. bike-lanes-may-get-key-federal-endorsement/>[...]

  • Study: Cyclists Gravitate Toward Streets With Protected Bike Lanes

    Intersections in Montreal with protected bike lanes saw 61 percent more bike traffic than comparable intersections with no bike infrastructure. Image: zmtomako/Flickr By now there’s not much doubt that protected bike lanes can be a game-changer for cycling in U.S. cities. Making streets feel safe to bike on boosts overall cycling rates, attracting people who otherwise wouldn’t bike-lanes/>[...]

  • Eyes on the Street: Inaugural Ride on Co-Op City’s First Bike Lanes

    Council Member Andy King cuts the ribbon on the new Co-Op City Boulevard bike lanes on Sunday. Photo: Alexander Belisle On Sunday, a group of about 30 cyclists, organized by the Bronx Activist Committee of Transportation Alternatives, rode on the Bronx’s newest bicycle lanes in Co-Op City. The lanes, which run on 222nd Street, Co-Op City Boulevard, and soon bike-lanes/>[...]

  • Eyes on the Street: Brownsville Celebrates Its New Bike Lanes

    Getting ready for this morning's bike ride at Brownsville Bike Shop. Photo: Brownsville Partnership They may be just paint, but bike lanes and sharrows on New Lots Avenue, Pitkin Avenue, Mother Gaston Boulevard, Hendrix Street, and Schenck Avenue are the first step toward implementing a community-based plan for better bicycling in Brownsville. This morning, about 35 people took part in bike-lanes/>[...]

  • DOT Passes on Protected Bike Lanes for Tribeca, Gets CB Committee Support

    With the exception of the Hudson River Greenway, routes between Tribeca and Greenwich Village can hardly be described as bike-friendly. Cyclists must compete with gridlock near Canal Street and the Holland Tunnel, while wide north-south arteries like Varick Street and Sixth Avenue are daunting roads. DOT is proposing a mix of upgrades between Warren Street lanes-in-tribeca-plan-gets-cb-committee-support/>[...]

  • De Blasio: Bike Lanes That Replace Parking Spots, Travel Lanes Are Worth It

    Elevated from the headline stack: CBS radio reporter Steve Scott elicited the following response from mayoral candidate Bill de Blasio on the subject of bike lanes. It’s got a touch more specificity than the norm: Scott ended the interview on the subject of bike lanes, asking if they are worth the parking spots and vehicular traffic lanes bike-lanes-that-replace-parking-spots-travel-lanes-are-worth-it/>[...]

  • In California Cities, Drivers Want More Bike Lanes. Here’s Why.

    Whenever street space is allocated for bicycling, someone will inevitably level the accusation that the city is waging a “war on cars.” But it turns out the people in those cars want separate space for bicycles too, according to surveys conducted in two major California metropolitan areas. Bike lanes make everyone feel safer — even bike-lanes-heres-why/>[...]

  • The Indianapolis Cultural Trail: America’s Next-Gen Protected Bike Lanes

    In May, the Indianapolis Cultural Trail, a bike and pedestrian path connecting some of Indy’s most popular cultural institutions, had its long-awaited public coming out with a ribbon cutting and celebration. It’s one of the biggest bicycling infrastructure achievements in North America, and yet it’s still practically a secret. As you’ll see, the Cultural Trail runs eight [...]

  • At Long Last, DOT Proposes Bike Lanes for Upper Manhattan

    DOT recommends "future study" for bike infrastructure on upper Broadway and the Broadway Bridge, background left. Responding to years of citizen advocacy and a resolution from Manhattan Community Board 12, DOT has proposed bike lanes for a number of streets in Upper Manhattan. Most of the lanes, concentrated in Washington Heights [PDF], would be installed next year, bike-lanes-for-upper-manhattan/>[...]

  • The Old “We Don’t Need Bike Lanes Because Nobody Bikes Here” Nonsense

    “I went out and parked under a shade tree, it was on a Saturday, a beautiful day and I counted in one hour 374 cars and zero bikes,” Fresno City Councilman Steve Brandau told a local ABC affiliate. Fresno's Fruit Avenue was scheduled for a road diet, until a local councilman's "informal study" concluded no one bikes bike-lanes-because-nobody-bikes-here-nonsense/>[...]

  • Memphis to Add 15 Miles of Protected Bike Lanes

    Memphis is making waves today with the announcement that the city will install 15 miles of protected bike lanes. Over the last few years, Memphis has been rushing to add bike lanes. Now the city plans to take it to the next level. Image: Memphis Flyer Led by Mayor A.C. Wharton, a few years ago Memphis bike-lanes/>[...]

  • Anthony Weiner: I Love Bike Lanes. Let Me Count the Exceptions…

    Anthony Weiner, enemy of congestion pricing and infamous bike lane antagonist, is talking about street design on the campaign trail. Though there was plenty of warning this day would come, it’s still kind of surreal. Weiner told Capital New York’s Azi Paybarah he was just joking when he boasted to Michael Bloomberg and a room full bike-lanes-with-the-following-exceptions/>[...]

  • John Liu: Cyclists Need Helmets, But Not Bike Lanes

    What does John Liu think of bikes in NYC? That’s hard to say, and it’s not clear that Liu knows either. On the day when thousands signed up for the city’s bike-share program, exceeding expectations and setting the stage for a major shift in the way many New Yorkers get around, Liu chose to engage in bike-lanes/>[...]

  • Streetfacts: Bike Lanes Aren’t Just for Big Cities

    Welcome to the first of five shorts we’re calling Streetfacts. With Streetfacts, we’ll be highlighting developing trends affecting transportation and planning policy, as well as addressing the cost of “bad practices” that prevent us from shifting to a more balanced transportation network that supports more livable places. As Streetfilms viewers know, many of the big cities bike-lanes-not-just-for-big-cities/>[...]

  • Brownsville Will Get Bike Lanes After Supportive Vote from CB 16

    Brownsville is set to have extra asphalt converted to bike lanes after Community Board 16's supportive vote last night. Photosim: NYC DOT Good news out of Brooklyn last night: After a community-driven process that started in 2011, Community Board 16 voted to support painted bike lanes and sharrows on 15 miles of Brownsville streets. The proposal calls for bike-lanes-after-supportive-vote-from-cb-16/>[...]

  • West Side and Sunset Park Community Boards Advance Bike Lanes and Plazas

    A capital reconstruction of this pedestrian plaza on Ninth Avenue between 14th and 15th Streets got a positive vote from Community Board 4's transportation committee last night. Photo: Google Maps Last night, two community boards in Sunset Park and Manhattan’s West Side voted to support bike lanes, bike parking and permanent pedestrian plazas. As a result, Sunset bike-lanes-and-plazas/>[...]

  • Illinois DOT Blocks Protected Bike Lanes on Many Chicago Streets Until 2014

    An interesting example of state DOT interference in local street safety policy, from our team in Chicago… At IDOT's insistence, this part of Jackson Boulevard was left with a buffered bike lane instead of the originally proposed protected bike lane. Last month we noted that the Illinois Department of Transportation prevented the installation of a protected bike bike-lanes-on-several-chicago-streets-until-2014/>[...]

  • The Public Process for Bike Lanes Right Under Christine Quinn’s Nose

    Ignoring the 66 percent approval rating for bike lanes in the latest New York Times poll, City Council Speaker Christine Quinn dropped this whopper in an interview with WNYC’s Brian Lehrer at a tourism industry event last Friday: Christine Quinn. Photo: Wikimedia “Bike lanes are clearly controversial,” Quinn said. “And one of the problems with bike lanesbike-lanes-right-under-christine-quinns-nose/>[...]

  • Following New York’s Lead, London Plans Protected Bike Lanes

    When it comes to urban transportation policy, Americans often look longingly across the Atlantic. Paris pioneered big-city bike-sharing, London showed New York that congestion pricing works, and Sweden set the goal of eliminating traffic deaths. But here’s a case where New York is leading a peer city overseas. London is changing its "cycle superhighways" to incorporate protected bike-lanes/>[...]

  • Eyes on the Street: An Argument for Protected Bike Lanes in One Photograph

    A commercial van driver mounted the concrete barrier protecting cyclists on Flushing Avenue just west of the Brooklyn Queens Expressway on Friday. Photo: Dmitry Gudkov Elevated from today’s headline stack: Photographer Dmitry Gudkov snapped this picture on Friday afternoon of a commercial van — the phone number goes to Glass & Windows, Inc., of Long Island City — straddling bike-lanes-in-one-photograph/>[...]

  • Business Leaders Help Win Protected Bike Lanes in Portland

    Portland just did something that would be a big deal for any city: It removed two motor vehicle lanes on a major thoroughfare — Northeast Multnomah Street — and replaced them with protected bike lanes. Portland just picked some new protected bike lanes, and it has local business leaders to thank. Photo: Green Lane Project The [...]

  • Brooklyn CB 16 Committee Votes to Bring Bike Lanes to Brownsville

    The beginnings of the neighborhood bike network for Brownsville and East New York would repurpose extra asphalt for painted bike lanes on Pitkin Avenue and four other streets. Photosim: NYC DOT The transportation committee of Brooklyn Community Board 16 last night voted in favor of a plan to stripe Brownsville’s first bike lanes, reports Nupur Chaudhury bike-lanes-to-brownville/>[...]

  • A Few Data Points For the Next Time WNYC Talks Bike Lanes

    This morning, WNYC’s Brian Lehrer discussed the Columbus Avenue bike lane with reporter Kate Hinds. The show covered a fair amount of ground in a short amount of time, but gave a lot of airtime to a key assumption which has given cover to street safety opponents – that small retailers in New York City need to [...]

  • Number of Protected Bike Lanes in America Nearly Doubled in 2012

    This is becoming a more common sight in American cities. Photo: BicyclesOnly/Flickr They’re the Cadillac (or, should we say, the Colnago) of bike infrastructure: protected bike lanes. But on-street bikeways that give cyclists some measure of physical protection from traffic have been more or less unheard of in American cities — until recently. After New York City bike-lanes-in-america-nearly-doubled-in-2012/>[...]

  • Tonight: DOT Talks Protected Bike Lanes With Upper West Side’s CB 7

    In the wake of last week’s setback for efforts to bring more bike racks to the Upper West Side, Manhattan Community Board 7′s transportation committee will hold a key meeting tonight about an issue on which its chairs have failed to take action: protected bike lanes and complete streets. The Columbus Avenue protected bike lane is bike-lanes-with-upper-west-sides-cb-7/>[...]

  • East New York and Brownsville on the Cusp of Getting New Bike Lanes

    A snafu at last night's Brooklyn Community Board 5 meeting delayed a vote for bike lanes on Pitkin Avenue until next month. Image: NYC DOT After more than a year of collaboration between residents, community groups, DOT, and the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, the first project in a new round bike lanes for Brownsville bike-lanes-and-traffic-calming-for-east-new-york-and-brownsville-almost/>[...]