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  • Parks Dept: Timeline and Detour Route Uncertain for Greenway Bridge Rehab

    Photo: jag9889/Flickr. Used with permission. A city Parks Department official says plans are not yet finalized for work on a bridge that connects the Hudson River Greenway to Washington Heights and the George Washington Bridge. “The bridge is being reconstructed,” wrote Jennifer Hoppa, administrator of parks for Northern Manhattan, in an email. According to Hoppa, the department [...]

  • Reader Report: Parks to Close Upper Manhattan Greenway Link for Two Years

    Markings for directions from the Greenway to Washington Heights and the George Washington Bridge. Circled is the bridge that will reportedly be closed in the fall. See a photo of the bridge here. We have word that a major bike-ped link to the Hudson River Greenway in Northern Manhattan will be out of commission later this [...]

  • Hudson Greenway “Cherry Walk” Still Dark and Dangerous

    Streetsblogger Jacob-uptown: "You can see many of the street lamps on Henry Hudson Parkway are burned out. This makes the greenway completely unlit, except for oncoming car headlights." Last December, Washington Heights resident Lars Klove alerted us to night-time conditions on a segment of [...]

  • NYPD Tow Pound is Still a Major Source of Greenway Danger

    As Transportation Alternatives recently noted in an essay for Streetsblog, more than a year after the death of Eric Ng, the alphabet soup of government agencies responsible for the Hudson River Greenway, have done almost nothing to fix glaring safety  problems along New York City's most important bike route. Photographer and bike commuter Lars Klove encountered one [...]

  • Nature’s Traffic Count

    Hudson River Greenway near 125th Street. Photographer Lars Klove writes, "I've always wondered how many people are riding their bicycles to work. This morning the pavement had a thin layer of moisture that counted the bicycles."

  • Eyes on the Street: Snow Day

    Washington Heights. Sunday, December 16.Photo by Lars Klove.

  • Running the Christmas Tree Gauntlet

    Dear DOT Commissioner Santa-Khan,All I want for Christmas next year is a new set of rules encouraging tree vendors to set up shop on the street in curbside parking space rather than jamming up New York City's crowded, holiday-season sidewalks.Sincerely,Aaron Photo: Lars Klove, Sixth Avenue and 13th Street, Manhattan.

  • Blinding Headlights Make Part of West Side Greenway Unusable

    Blinding headlights make cycling difficult on a mile-long uptown stretch of the Hudson River Greenway. Lars Klove is a professional photographer who lives way uptown and uses the Hudson River Greenway to bike to and from his apartment on 183rd Street just about every day. Now that it is getting dark earlier in the evening, Klove [...]