Sneckdowns 4: Ain’t Snow Stoppin’ Us Now

Since our last round-up, the sneckdown has drawn attention from publications as varied as The Economist, The Week, Fast Company, Village VoiceAtlantic Cities, and Treehugger. With coverage and photos piling up like so much traffic-calming slush, sneckdown emissary and archivist Clarence Eckerson posted a detailed explainer, dating the concept back to the 1990s. Meanwhile, the city of Raleigh asked residents to send photos of “wasted space at intersections.” Clearly, even amid the chaotic weather, the idea that there should be more room for people on U.S. streets has struck a chord.

There is a rumor that WPIX reporter Arthur Chi’en is putting together a sneckdown segment for tonight. While we look forward to that, here are some shots taken in New York City over the last week. For more, check out what sneckdown spotters are seeing in Boston, Seattle, Kansas City, Oklahoma CityLouisville, and Omaha.

Photo: ##

34th Avenue and 85th Street, Jackson Heights. Photo: @Streetfilms

Photo: ##

Columbus Circle. Photo: @AlexWithAK

Photo: Jennifer Aaron

Reade and Greenwich Streets. Photo: Jennifer Aaron

Clinton Street and Amity Street. Photo: ##

Clinton Street and Amity Street. Photo: @nilsd

Thompson and Spring Streets. Photo: ##

Thompson and Spring Streets. Photo: @katehinds

Jackson Heights. Photo: ##

Jackson Heights. Photo: @PurpleClarence