Brooklyn Community Board 1: Union Ave. Plaza Project, West St. Brooklyn Waterfront Greenway

October 16, 2012   6:30 pm   
Community Board 1 District Office
435 Graham Ave. (at Frost St.)
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Brooklyn Community Board 1

This is the monthly meeting of Brooklyn Community Board 1’s Transportation Committee. On the agenda:

  • Presentation – Application submitted to the NYC Plaza Program from the Open Space Alliance for North Brooklyn (OSA) for McCarren Park – Union Avenue Plaza project – plan to convert Union Avenue (between Driggs and North 12th Street) into a street plaza to extend the public space on either side of the street. The presenter is Mr. Kurt Cavanaugh, OSA.
  • Presentation – Schematic Geometric Design for HWK1048A – West Street Brooklyn Waterfront Greenway. The presenter is Ms. Linda Reardon from RBA, DDC’s consultant for the project.