Sheepshead Bay Transit Rider Town Hall

May 17, 2012   7:00 pm - 8:00 pm
Knights of Columbus Baron Dekalb
3000 Emmons Av. (at Nostrand Av.)
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In Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn, there are New Yorkers who rely on buses to get from A to B. But even the most important buses in the neighborhood, like the B4, often don’t run up to snuff.

T.A.’s Transit Rider Town Halls are holding elected officials accountable for trains and buses across the five boroughs. We hook up transit riders and elected officials to ensure that public transit works for the public who rely on it. This time, we’re bringing a local news blog along for the conversation. Join T.A., Assembly Member Steven Cymbrowitz and local newshounds Sheepshead Bites for a Transit Rider Town Hall in Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn. If it’s your neighborhood, this is your chance to get heard about public transit in your community.