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The Weekly Carnage

Posted By Summer Greenstein On April 29, 2011 @ 1:43 pm In The Weekly Carnage | 1 Comment

The Weekly Carnage is a Friday round-up of motor vehicle violence across the five boroughs and beyond. For more on the origins and purpose of this column, please read About the Weekly Carnage [1].


Cyclist Joseph Granati was killed at the intersection of Avenue T and West 9th Street in Gravesend on April 24. Photo:The L Magazine [3]

Fatal Crashes (1 killed this week, 53 this year, 5 drivers charged*)

  • Gravesend: Driver Hits and Kills Cyclist Joseph Granati, 39; No Charges Filed (News [4])
  • East Flatbush: Cyclist James Pierre, 23, Struck and Killed on April 15; No Charges Filed (YourNabe [5])**

Injuries, Arrests and Property Damage

  • Washington Heights: Cop Dragged on Sidewalk by Joyriding Teen Motorcyclists (Post [6])
  • Jackson Heights: Unlicensed Drunk Driver Nearly Crashes Into Oncoming Traffic on BQE (Post Blotter [7])
  • Williamsburg: NYPD Provides No Info on Mysterious Four-Car Pile-Up (Gothamist [8])
  • Throggs Neck: Three Teens Hospitalized After Speeding, Flipping Car on Sidewalk (Post [9])
  • Stapleton, SI: Three Injured in Crash That Overturns Car (Advance [10])
  • Elm Park, SI: Cops Chase Drunk Driver Speeding at Over 100 MPH (Post Blotter [11])
  • Jackson Heights: Pedestrian Crossing at Roosevelt Ave Left Critically Injured in Hit-and-Run (Post Blotter [12])
  • Sunnyside, SI: Driver Injured After Crashing Into Parked Truck (Advance [13])


Four vehicles, including an MTA mobile wash unit truck, were left smashed in Williamsburg. NYPD did not provide information. Photo:Gothamist [15]

In the Region, Out of Town

  • Eastern Texas: Times Square Church Founder David Wilkerson Killed in Crash (City Room [16], HuffPo [17])
  • North Hills, NY: Drunk Driver Caught Speeding at 126 MPH on LI Expressway (NBC NY [18])
  • Poughkeepsie, NY: Drunk Driver Arrested Twice in One Night (Fox [19])
  • Monroe Township, NJ: Two Killed, One Injured in Motorcycle, SUV Crash (Gloucester Co. Times [20])
  • Los Angeles: 76-Year-Old Killed When Car Plunges From Third Floor of Parking Garage (News [21])

Following Up

  • Assistant Bronx DA Charged in DWI Crash After 2009 Drunk Driving Arrest Was Voided By Cops (News [22])
  • Driver Who Killed SI Advance Editor Charged With Vehicular Homicide (Advance [23])
  • Family of Megan Charlop [24] Suing City For Lack of Bike Lane on Crotona Ave (News [25])

Other News

  • Illinois to Track Dooring Crashes (Transpo Nation [26])
  • City Council, DOT Expect Speed Signs to Slow Drivers in SI, Bronx (Advance [27], Post [28])
  • For Safer Streets, Traffic Lights and Stop Signs Aren’t the Answer (Streetsblog [29])

*Fatalities within the five boroughs. Information based on latest available reports.
** Reflected in year-to-date fatality count.

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