Transportation Alternatives Bike Shop Blitz – Day 2

March 26, 2011   
Can Alanna by phone at 646-873-6004 or by e-mail at alanna [at] transalt [dot] org
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Transportation Alternatives
Pick up materials between 3/15 and 3/16. The rain date for this event will be March 27th.

Where is the one place that every cyclist in the city is bound to go at some point? The bike shop. And that’s why it is critical that they be fully stocked with Transportation Alternatives materials as their busiest season gets rolling (pun intended).

It’s time to flex those healthy competition muscles for T.A.’s Bike Shop Blitz! Your job is to form a team and take a ride to as many bike shops as you can; the team that makes it to the most shops will get some awesome prizes such as:

  • Free water bottles for all participants!
  • T.A. t-shirts for all winning team members!
  • Free registration for all winning team members to the Tour de Brooklyn or Tour de Queens!
  • A Byrne Bag for the winning team Captain! (Captains, or their proxies, must come to the office on either 3/15 or 3/16 between 9:30am-9pm to pick up materials)
  • A High Schlep Factor Prize (TBD) to the teams that make it to some of the more remotely located shops!

Don’t have biking friends to form a team with? Don’t sweat it! Let us know and we will hook you up with other riders. Not only is this a chance to help T.A., it’s also a chance to grow your social circle!