The Weekly Carnage

The Weekly Carnage is a Friday round-up of motor vehicle mayhem across the five boroughs and beyond. For more on the origins and purpose of this column, please read About the Weekly Carnage.

carnage_altman_chi.jpgAmrom Altman, 4, died in Borough Park, Brooklyn on Feb. 17. Photo:
Fatal Crashes (3 Killed Since Feb. 12, 27 This Year, 6 Drivers Charged*)
  • Borough Park: Amrom Altman, 4, Hit by School Bus Driver Circling Block to Avoid Obstructing Auto Traffic; No Charges (Streetsblog, News, Post)
  • Riverdale: Ana Estevez, 25, Killed on Broadway; Second Unidentified Pedestrian Hospitalized; No Charges Filed; Assembly Member Jeffrey Dinowitz Wants DOT Study (R'dale Press 1, 2)
  • Long Island City: Deliveryman on Scooter Killed; Driver Charged With DWI, Manslaughter (News 1, 2)

carnage_guerrero_phelan.jpgErinn Phelan, right, and college roommate Alma Guerrero were struck by a hit-and-run driver in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn in the early morning hours of Feb. 21. Guerrero suffered a broken collarbone, while Phelan, who pushed her friend out of the path of the oncoming car, was left brain dead. Suspect Cindy Jasmin says her sister, Frances Jasmin, was the driver. Reports say neither woman is cooperating with police. Phelan is a volunteer coordinator for the Bloomberg administration. Photo: Daily News
Injuries, Arrests and Property Damage
  • Prospect Heights: Hit-and-Run Injures 2; City Hall Staffer on Life Support (News 1, 2, 3, 4, NYT, NY1)
  • Related: Crash Prompts Call for Lower Speeds, Safer Flatbush Ave (News, NAC, Bklyn Paper, YN)
  • Flushing: Driver Hits Man During Argument as Victim's Toddlers Look On (Post [Blotter])
  • Mount Eden: Driver Hits, Pummels Woman for Standing in Parking Spot (Post [Blotter])
  • Midtown: Off-Duty Cop Charged With DWI After Flipping Car Onto Tiffany's Sidewalk (NYT, News)
  • Throgs Neck: Off-Duty Cop Charged With DWI in Collision That Injured Passenger (News, NY1)
  • Harlem: Off-Duty Cop Charged With DWI While Double-Parked (Post [Blotter])
  • Greenpoint: Cyclist Smashes Windows of Cab That Almost Hit Girlfriend (Post [Blotter])
  • Williamsburg: Raging Sociopath Hospitalizes Man for Touching His Car (Gothamist)
  • Hollis: Drunk Driver Fleeing Crash Scene Nearly Hits Police Cruiser (Post [Blotter])
  • Paul Newman They Ain't: Irate Motorists Evade Parking Fees by Vandalizing Meters (Post)

Following Up

  • Manhattan: Drunk NJ Cop Who Killed Marilyn Feng Could Be Out of Jail in 3.5 Years (News, Post)
  • Queens: Man Who Stole Idling Car and Killed Two Pedestrians in Middle Village Gets 7.5 to 15 (NY1)
  • Greenpoint: Ghost Bike for Solange Raulston Is Missing (NYS via Gothamist)
  • Driver, 15, Charged With Homicide in Fatal December Crash on Bruckner Expressway (News, Post)
  • Mom of Xavier Summers, 12-Year-Old Hit in Mill Basin, Skeptical of Police Account (YN)
  • Hung Jury in Civil Trail Stemming From 2001 Death of Mets Prospect Brian Cole (News)

In the Region, Out of Town

  • Elderly Driver Goes Wrong-Way on Taconic for Five Miles, Manages to Not Kill Anyone (News)
  • Vandals Target Parking Lot at Yonkers PD Station House (City Room)
  • German Flatts, NY: Driver Killed in Hit-and-Run After One-Car Interstate Crash (AP)
  • Chandler, AZ: Spectator Killed at Professional Drag Race (Wheels)

carnage_gun_hill_road.jpgTSTC named Gun Hill Road as the most dangerous in the Bronx, but some aren't sure whether drivers or pedestrians are the problem. Photo: Bronx News Network
Other News
  • Seventeen City Pedestrians Killed by "Accident" Through January 27 (NYT)
  • Wayne Barrett: Pedestrian Fatality Rate Declined More Under Giuliani Than Bloomberg (Voice 1, 2
  • Bronx News Network Takes a Walk on Borough's Most Dangerous Road
  • Albany Lawmakers Want to Lighten Up on Accused Drunk Drivers (Streetsblog)
  • New NYCT Express Bus Mirrors Impair Drivers' Vision (AMNY)
  • Survey Puts Lawyers and Judges Atop Dangerous Driver List (Post)
  • Electromagnetic Interference, Including Phones, Can Interfere With Vehicle Systems (USAT 1, 2)

* Based on latest available reports