Miami Solidarity Ride

February 7, 2010   2:00 pm   
Grand Army Plaza
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Time's Up!
On 1/17/2010, Christophe Le Canne, 44, was killed in a bike lane from behind, reportedly by a hit and run drunk driver and delayed emergency response in Key Biscayne, Florida. On 1/24/2010 1000’s of Miami cyclists came out on a memorial ride in Christophe’s name. Now is your opportunity to pay tribute to Miami for their brave action during their time of grief.

A saying of Christophe’s is ‘The Journey is the thing!’. So we will visit ghosts bikes, roadways where there are, used to be, or could be bike lanes, and maybe water or bridges on our travels.

The day after our ride the suspect will have his first hearing.

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Please come back to this web page as the links may change as the case develops.