Transportation Alternatives’ Waving Wednesday

January 6, 2010   8:15 am - 8:45 am
Bedford Av. & Dekalb Av.
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Transportation Alternatives

Transportation Alternatives is calling on Brooklyn bike commuters to help us kick off a new campaign to improve safety and morale for bicycle commuters on Bedford Avenue!

The goal of Waving Wednesdays is to provide safety in numbers for the many bicycle commuters along Bedford Avenue riding to the Williamsburg bridge who now must commute without a critical piece of the bike lane. Waving Wednesdays is also intended to realize the civic and social benefits of the bicycle as a transportation option on NYC streets and to foster the growing community of bicyclists in a safe, positive, communal atmosphere.

Things to keep in mind for Waving Wednesdays on Bedford:

  • Cyclists are vehicles and have a right to claim a lane when a bicycle lane does not exist;
  • Cyclists, like all vehicles, must stop when a school bus extends it’s stop sign to pick up students;
  • No vehicles, including school buses, have the right to drive in, stand or stop in a bike lane;
  • Riding in groups and waving to your fellow New Yorkers can be a great way to make a commute more fun.

We will be departing in small commuter pools during this time frame, moving safely in groups as we head north on Bedford Avenue. We hope to see you there!