Last Day to See Re-Imagining Cities: Urban Design After the Age of Oil

December 4, 2009   11:00 am - 5:00 pm
Municipal Art Society
457 Madison Av. (at 51st St.)
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Municipal Art Society

Today is the last day to visit the exhibition "Re-Imagining Cities: Urban Design After the Age of Oil."

In a world of decreasing oil and increasing climate change, "Re-Imagining Cities" showcases innovative ideas, projects, initiatives and policies from around the globe that can help us re-think how we inhabit urban areas. The exhibition contains a range of interventions: from car sharing to citywide environmental initiatives to futuristic floating cities. While no one solution or set of solutions is the answer, the projects displayed in the exhibition show us the spectrum of possibilities: the changes we can make on our own and the changes we will make together, the changes we can make today, and the changes we will make tomorrow.

This exhibition accompanied the 2008 symposium of the same name at the University of Pennsylvania. The symposium marked the 50th Anniversary of the 1958 University of Pennsylvania/Rockefeller Foundation "Conference on Urban Design Criticism," whose participants included Jane Jacobs, Louis Kahn, Kevin Lynch, Ian McHarg, Lewis Mumford, and I.M. Pei.

By documenting the rise in oil dependency, changing development patterns and demographic trends, the exhibition threads prescient theories surrounding the 1958 conference with contemporary challenges to the urban design profession.

Presented by the Municipal Art Society of New York, "Re-Imagining Cities" was curated and produced by the Penn Institute for Urban Research, with the support of the Penn Institute for Urban Research and the Rockefeller Foundation, the Crossways Foundation and PennDesign.