Drivers Respect Grand Street Parking-Protected Cycle Track


Though modest by comparison, here's another first for this historic day. Manhattan Community Board 2's Ian Dutton sent over photos of the new Grand Street cycle track, the city's initial attempt at a parking-protected design.

Says Ian:

With a one-block exception, from Varick St. to Centre St. seems to be open for business, only lacking the bicycle symbols on the lane itself. The section through Little Italy and Chinatown is nearly complete, with a few minor surface details remaining.

My experience on two circuits today was that it worked beautifully. Cars were parked as expected and the "mixing zones" accommodating turning vehicles across the bike lane were handled unusually respectfully from drivers, who were probably not sure how to treat them. Not bad for the first (or maybe second) day.

There were a few pedestrians who stepped off the curb to cross the street and waited in the bike lane, but that is no different than any other bike lane. I'm very hopeful that we're off to a good start.

Photo pool contributor Jacob-uptown had similar things to say after cruising the new Grand: "Cars have learned where to park ... This is a huge precedent for creating these cheap yet highly effective bike lanes."

More pics after the jump. Note the overhead signage.