Teach Your Child to Ride a Bike – Staten Island

April 19, 2008   1:00 pm - 3:00 pm
George Cromwell Recreation Center
Pier 6 at Murray Hulbert Av. (near Bay & Hannah Sts.)
Staten Island
Pre-registration required.
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Bike New York
While supplies last, DOT staff will distribute free NYC bike helmets.

Ready to toss the training wheels? Take your kids to a free Bike New York class to learn the basics of biking in a safe, social setting. Best of all there's no running behind the bike, strained backs, scraped knees, or frayed nerves. Classes are offered in association with City of New York Department of Parks & Recreation.

Is your child at that age where he or she wants to ride a two-wheeler? Is your back sore from bending over to balance your child on a rolling bicycle? Has your child taken a tumble while using training wheels and gotten scared of biking? If so, this class is for you.

Course Content: This class teaches a safe, easy, effective way for parents to help get their children rolling--a method in which the child does most of the work! Participants learn the basics of balancing, starting, stopping, and steering a bike. Children may learn to ride their bike while taking the class, but even if they don't, parents will leave with an easy, hands-free, crash-free, and low-stress way to teach their child to ride.

Requirements: All cyclists must wear a helmet and have a bicycle that fits. The child must be able to rest his or her feet flat on the ground while sitting on the bicycle seat. The program works best for children ages 5 and up.