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Attempting to Gauge the Impact of “Near-Miss” Incidents on Houston’s Streets

We've all had this experience while walking or biking -- someone cutting us off, or swerving, leaving us catching our breath and thinking, "That was close." Close encounters, just inches away from being a collision, have a big impact on how we think about street safety, but they're not well understood, since they're rarely, if ever, reported. A new report out of Houston attempts to gauge the impact of these "near-miss" incidents.
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When “Vision Zero” Succeeds, But Doesn’t Get the Job Done

Transportation Commissioner Polly Trottenberg was in the Bronx yesterday to tout safety improvements on the Grand Concourse, historically one of the borough's most dangerous streets for walking and biking. But a lot more needs to change on the Grand Concourse, which still lacks safe, continuous bikeways and treatments to speed up trips for bus riders.

Crowded, Car-Choked Downtown Flushing Shouldn’t Be a Void in the Bike Network

At a DOT forum to plan for better bicycling conditions in downtown Flushing, Council Member Peter Koo told the packed room he doesn't believe bike lanes belong in the area. Koo did not stick around for the rest of the meeting, but if he had, he would have heard a different story from his constituents, many of whom see biking as the only viable way to get to Flushing's dense downtown core.
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Valencia Human-Protected Bike Lane Protest #2

Before everyone heads out for the Memorial Day weekend, Streetsblog wanted to do a quick update on yesterday evening’s successful Valencia Street human-protected bike lane protest in the Mission District. Readers will recall that a group of bike advocates did the first of this type of protest on Golden Gate on May 1. That one […]

Reconnecting Oakland to Its Waterfront

Stand in downtown Oakland and look around and it can be easy to forget it’s a coastal city. That’s because Interstate 880 cuts a giant, uninviting swath between the city center and the waterfront at Jack London Square. But that could change. Walk this Way: The Broadway/Webster Project aims to make it more inviting to […]

Eyes on the Street: Alamo Square Park is Open Again!

It was a long wait, but neighbors and tourists alike finally get to enjoy one of San Francisco’s most iconic spots, Alamo Square Park. “Thank you for your patience,” said Phil Ginsburg, SF Rec & Park General Manager, during an opening ceremony this morning. “Neither Herculean, drought-busting rains or even the Bay to Breakers run […]
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Caltrans Adopts Statewide Bike and Pedestrian Plan

While Caltrans does not have jurisdiction over local transportation planning or policies, it does wield considerable influence over local planning decisions, and it provides expertise and guidance. A statewide plan that provides a cohesive vision for safe, comfortable biking and walking in California communities is an important step.

Bike Month: OCTA’s Annual Bike Rally

More than thirty cyclists came out to OCTA’s Bike Rally Thursday morning at Orange Station. The roughly 3.5-mile route cut through Old Town Orange using side streets and the Santiago River Trail Bike Path. Participants received a free commemorative t-shirt and were included in a raffle for two $130-valued bike tuneups from Jax Bike Center […]




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