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Downtown Austin’s Parking Crunch Can Be Solved Without Adding Tons of Parking

Cities and towns are constantly fretting about downtown parking. But what they often perceive as a "parking shortage" isn't caused by a lack of parking -- it's the result of poor management of the parking they already have. The upshot is that many cities, seeking cheap and plentiful car storage, pursue policies that make their parking and traffic problems worse, not better. Now a downtown Austin business coalition aims to chart a better course.
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Envisioning NYC’s Next Streets Revolution

New York can be a city where everyone from young kids to elderly seniors can get around without fear, where neighborhood streets can be places of congregation and activity instead of motorways. To become that city, we'll have to shift a lot more street space from cars to transit, biking, and walking.

Joe Lhota Is Cuomo’s MTA Chief, Again, Sort Of

Late yesterday, Andrew Cuomo nominated former MTA chief Joe Lhota to resume the role at a time when the agency is grappling with a decline in reliability that has reached crisis proportions. Lhota was hastily confirmed by the State Senate as the 2017 legislative session came to an end last night.
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Cyclist Killed at Alemany Boulevard and Silver Avenue

Hoodline is reporting that a cyclist was killed yesterday at around 5:30 p.m. in a collision with a car at the intersection of Silver and Alemany Boulevard. The San Francisco Bicycle Coalition is looking for more details, but a spokesman for the SFBC says the victim was a 51-year-old man. “Our hearts are heavy this morning […]

Q&A With New Oakland DOT Chief Ryan Russo

Streetsblog caught up with Russo on Friday near his office in downtown Oakland to talk about how he's settling in, what he thinks of the strides Oakland has made so far, and how he will shepherd the department towards a safer, more equitable and more sustainable future.
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ARB Releases Proposed GHG Reduction Goals for Regions

After 2020 California GHG emission reduction goals will become more stringent, and therefore harder to reach. Since transportation is the largest single contributor to GHG emissions, achieving targets requires finding ways to make it easy for people to drive less. But regions say they can't control driving, and they don't have enough money.




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