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YIMBY Conference Debrief

Last week Oakland hosted the YIMBYtown conference, described as a “… three-day gathering for grassroots community organizers, political leaders, educators, housing developers, and everyday people to identify problems, create solutions, share resources on the issues that impact housing on local, state, and national levels.” YIMBY, or “Yes in My Back Yard,” is an association of […]

‘Shops at the Ridge’ Create Suburban Dystopia at 51st and Broadway

The intersection of 51st/Pleasant Valley and Broadway in north Oakland lies at the confluence of three of Oakland’s most walkable and bikeable districts – Temescal, Rockridge, and Piedmont Avenue – adjacent to Oakland Technical High School, California College of the Arts, and several senior housing complexes. Yet, it has always been a barrier to connecting […]

Transit Watchers Question Need to Close Subway

The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA) infuriated transit advocates when it announced on Saturday that it will close the entire Muni subway, from Embarcadero to West Portal, every weekend and after 9:30 p.m. during the week, for the next four or five weeks. The closures, which start this weekend, are part of a testing […]
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Cap-and-Trade Extension: It’s a Compromise, But It’s All We Got

Many of the bill’s opponents at this hearing agree that there is no time to waste. They have been arguing that cap-and-trade is not working as intended—that its emission reductions are inadequate, and that in some cases the program has led to an increase in local emissions of other harmful pollutants by allowing industries to buy their way out of cleaning up their practices.


What Would Make Southwest Florida More Walkable?

There are a number of obstacles to overcome, some manmade and some natural. The natural issues are obvious, at least this time of year… it’s hot and it rains a lot some days. However, there are many places where weather can be an issue for walkers, and yet people walk just the same. Why? Because the manmade issues are less of an impediment, giving people more reason to brave the elements.


What Are the Drivers of Driving Alone?

In the midst of running my statistical analyses for last week’s post on why fireworks are almost as trash as I am, I caught the statistical analysis bug and wanted to keep running regressions. Naturally, I decided to look at a dataset that I use frequently for my job and which I had recently been parsing through yet again – the American Community Survey’s means of transportation to work data.
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