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Talking Headways Podcast: The Urban Policy Translator

This week we’re joined by Shelley Poticha, director of NRDC’s Urban Solutions Program, who tells us about the organization's new programs like SPARCC and the City Energy Project. We get into federal policy like the Clean Power Plan and the story of how FTA and HUD were finally connected, and we talk about The Next American Metropolis, the 1993 book about transit-oriented development she wrote with Peter Calthorpe.
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The State of Cycling in San Francisco

San Francisco has made strides in increasing bicycling’s mode share, but its bike infrastructure is still bad. That was the conclusion of yesterday’s state of cycling talk at the San Francisco Bay Area Planning and Urban Research Association. “I had three or four near misses on Market street just getting over here,” said Brian Wiedenmeier, […]

Fate of Caltrain Electrification Hangs on Trump’s Budget

There will be many news stories generated by the announcement of the details of President Donald Trump's proposed budget next month. In advance of the announcement, the campaign to preserve funding for the electrification of Caltrain, is working with advocates around the state and country to preserve a nearly $650 million grant agreement scuttled by the Trump Administration in February.

Guerrilla Bikeway Builders Hit Turk Street

Word came down late Sunday that the vigilante safety group, SF Transformation (SFMTrA), has struck again–this time on Turk Street near Market Street. From the group’s Twitter feed: The installation is composed of some durable white tape and the same safe hit posts they’ve put in before. The lane goes west from the intersection with […]
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California Speed Camera Bill Dies in State Assembly

A bill to create a statewide youth transit pass program passed the Assembly Transportation Committee, as did one that would require that at least one member of the California Transportation Commission represent low-income communities. Another bill, to create a pilot program to use automated speed enforcement cameras in San Francisco and San Jose, was put off for a year.




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Loop Trolley Corridor Photo Tour: DeBaliviere

As the Loop Trolley project nears completion let’s look at the changes to the streetscape and the condition and potential of the adjacent land. Parts of the trolley route are quite productive, so the route may have a good combination of supporting productive places and “built it and they will come.”

Understanding St. Louis: Asymmetry of Jobs

we can imagine downtown St. Louis as the center of the region but must recognize that it is not. How we understand this should inform policy and planning decisions regarding transit, retail, development subsidies and more. That is, you simply can’t create development strategy without recognizing the unique position of downtown St. Louis.
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