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Kansas City Will Take a Serious Look at Removing Downtown Highway

Rochester just converted part of its Inner Loop highway into a surface street, a similar project is underway in New Haven, and freeway teardowns are in play in many other American cities. Now you can add Kansas City to the list of places getting serious about removing a highway to save money, improve walkability, and open downtown land for development.

America’s Traffic Death Toll Is a National Disgrace

More than 40,000 Americans were killed in traffic last year, according to new estimates from the National Safety Council, the worst toll in a decade. The U.S. transportation system claims far more lives each year than peer countries. If America achieved the same fatality rate as the UK, more than 30,000 lives would be saved each year.

Introducing a New Streetsblog Series: Getting Transit Right

With more American cities raising impressive sums to expand transit, the question of how to invest effectively is increasingly essential. So far, few places have hit on a policy combination that makes transit more useful to more people. To help cities "get transit right," Streetsblog is launching a new series about which transit strategies are working and which are not.
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Vision Zero Program Struggles To Change L.A. City Priorities

It was never going to be easy to shift Los Angeles decision-makers attitudes to care more about keeping people alive than about moving cars. Nonetheless, L.A.’s mayor and city council have approved the city’s Vision Zero policy, and directed city departments to work together to, over time, reduce L.A. traffic fatalities to zero. Unfortunately, the […]
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Help Needed to Commemorate the Fallen

Devon Warner is a volunteer and advocate who has organized San Francisco's "Ride of Silence," which commemorates cyclists killed, for the past three years. She kicked off this year's round of prep last night at Cafe International in the Lower Haight.
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Texas Legislators Call for Safe Neighborhood Streets

Yesterday Texas State Representative Celia Israel called for passage of the Safe Neighborhood Streets Bill (HB 1368). She was joined by Austin Mayor Steve Adler, Fort Worth Council Member Ann Zadeh, and Houston Public Works and Engineering Department Deputy Director Jeff Weatherford, as well as Representative Helen Giddings, who said that she would be the first co-sponsor of the bill.
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